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Published 5th December 2016 |
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For those that manage their own sites, are you thinking about the new amp html markup and how are you finding it?

i have built a few simple pages using the new guidelines and have them displaying the logo next to the google listing.

more complex pages are proving more difficult.

do you think this new change is going to become the norm? is my first attempt


Welcome to the forum. I've had AMP pages on the radar for some time, but with the latest updates we've rolled out and talking to other publishers, the effort/cost versus reward isn't there yet.

But it's not going to go away and Google is really pushing AMP, so sooner or later we'll all have to follow suit. We are looking at making the blog pages AMP friendly as an experiment, and see what difference it makes.

Congratulations on taking the leap, always an advantage being a trail blazer. If we hit problems, I know who to ask! 

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