Has anyone experienced Googles algorithm change

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Published 4th August 2021 |
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Google latest update to its algorithm was made many months ago but we are witnessing the impact now on clients search results.
So everyone note that your website speed is now very important and what is known as quality content on your website is already a major factor in making your website a success or a failure. Having spoken to Google experts about this, the quality issue seems to be down to interpretation, however I would say this covers the readability of the website and if the website is structured in such a way that Google can make sense of what it is about or what it sells or what the services are.

So if you have noticed a drop in visitors to your site do a google speed check or use a free seo checker thaat my highlight one of these.

If you dont want to do all that use a professional to have a look for you.


I've noticed a change and I haven't done anything different, in this past 2 weeks I've had orders almost every day, considering this past 2 years I've had very few. 

Andy-C | Pewter World

So you could say then your website has benefitted and is giving better results now - is that right?


There have been very drastic changes recently because of the Google Core Web Vital updates. I had a friend of mine whose website's traffic plummeted because of several factors like the recent integration of user experience (UX) into the mix.

I suggest you double check your backlinking profile and the like. I run a b2b e-commerce store that is a start-up at best, which is why I opt to address my concerns directly with a B2B SEO Consultant. Consulting with an expert is much better is a much better idea than waiting things out, methinks... 


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