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MLS provides and manages data for these organisations on behalf of the Consumer Codes Approval Scheme which is operated by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute.

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Search for just about any type of service you can think of, from anywhere in the UK, from our database of over 1.7 million business listings. Simply type whatever you are looking for in the search bar at the top of this page. We may be a UK Business Directory, but our aim is to deliver local directory results relevant to you.

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You may not have come across a business forum before, but this can be an incredibly useful resource, offering help, advice and assistance on all aspects of your company, from online marketing, legal advice, to free advertising websites. There are many great business forums around, some charge for membership, some are free, and others can be more friendly than others! But they are a very useful tool, and an ideal way to network with other businesses.

As well as My Local Services we also run our own Business Forum, which is 100% free to use for anyone, no membership fees or catches, and it's a very friendly and relaxed spam free community. Whether you are a seasoned business professional, or just someone considering starting up, come and have a look or even better come and say hello!

The Trading Standards Institute Consumer Code Directory.

My Local Services hosts and manages the Trading Standards Institute Consumer Code Directory, which is a directory of businesses that conform to a code of conduct approved by the Trading Standards Institute.

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