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Any UK based family friendly business is welcome to sign up for a free directory listing on My Local Services.

A free listing will display your:

business address
telephone numbers
opening hours
location map
customer contact form
customer reviews

List your business

To list your business, enter your business details below and select next to continue.

Enter your business name as you'd like it to appear on your listing.

Enter the landline phone number your customers should call.

Enter a mobile number if your customers can also contact you via your mobile.

Listing Upgrade options

You can upgrade any options for your directory listing at any time by logging-in to your listing editor. All prices below are annual and not including VAT. At checkout you will have the choice to pay a single one off lifetime listing price, with the lifetime price dependant on any options taken.

1. Add extra categories

The first three categories are free, additional categories only cost £3.00 each. We can create any category for you if required.

2. Increase coverage

Your listing will show in our search results within five miles of your business address. If you can service customers further afield then you can increase your coverage. Extended coverage costs £5.00 for 10 miles, £10.00 for 25 miles, £15.00 for 100 miles, £20.00 for 250 miles and £30.00 for Nationwide.

3. Showcase with premium content

Bring your listing to life and make it stand out with a logo, images, video and upto a thousand words of text. You can edit it any time and premium content only costs £5.00. Select here to see an example (opens in a new window).

4. Sponsored listing

At the top of the search results we show up to five sponsored listings for each category which visually stand-out. Sponsored Listings cost £5.00.

5. Special promotion

Add a promotion with a weblink to your listing and search results which can be edited at any time. Promotions cost £5.00. See an example below:

6. Remove third-party advertising

Other advertising is also shown on your business listing page such as Google adverts. To remove any third-party advertising costs £5.00.

If you have specific advertising or marketing requirements then please get in touch to see if we can help.

Terms and Conditions

Please view our user-friendly terms and conditions below: terms and conditions