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Welcome aboard Gary, glad to hear business is booming .

Hello and nice to meet you all :-) 17th August 2017 11:30 AM

Welcome aboard 

Always good to have some creative talent aboard!

AsianBay Limited 17th August 2017 11:29 AM

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Welcome aboard Mick. What a lovely place to run a B&B 

Now I've been told running a B&B is one of the hardest businesses to run other than farming. You seem to up at all hours and on the go. Is that the case or do you crack the whip from the arm chair? 

Welcome aboard 

Are you in the Cloud! 17th August 2017 11:06 AM
So, you are saying whether the person is able to use the internet or not, they will need to pay for broadband to have a house phone!

.....But they will have no choice but to pay for something they don't need, just to get a phone line. If that's the case it is disgusting! Society forgets about the older generation when it comes to technology. 

Don't fix what aint broke, as the saying goes.”


Hi Toots, thanks for the response.

Nothing is going to happen overnight, this is a gradual process. But the reality is the infrastructure of this country is broke and really does need fixing

We are talking about copper wire technology that is well past it's sell by date. My old house in Warwick was in an area where the whole phone infrastructure for that housing estate was in full decay. BT wagons were a common sight and after countless complaining the simple answer was there was little BT could do, and this was going back 15 years.

Technology evolves, older technologies degrade and become redundant. I've no doubt when the eventual time arrives for the POTS network to be switched off for good  and consigned to history, that there will be a facility to ensure everyone has access to a simple phone service.

I'm sure there will be a low cost/subsidised service for the elderly and vulnerable, which in reality will probably work out cheaper than it does now with no call costs and no line rental. If there isn't, then Age Concern and similar will soon start shouting and lobbying government. I've no idea about government policy but I would have thought ensuring everyone has adequate and affordable access to communications before the POTS switch off would be a requirement.

Remember a computer wouldn't be needed and the phone will look and operate exactly the same as their current one does now. The fact their would be so much extra functionality available if needed is a bonus, meaning family members could configure and set up monitoring services, alerts, voice activated, in fact the options and potential are endless.

Does that allay any fears or are you still sceptical?

My question is, does https take precedence over http when using google ? Should I change my websites to https as a matter of principle?  ”
Googles search index algorithm is comprised of 200+ signals. HTTPS is just one of them. The amount of weight it carries varies depending who you talk to but only Google can tell you for sure.
What we do know is Google is focused on the web consumer experience and it has been very vocal about speed, security and relevant content relating to a users search query.
HTTPS addresses security so it's going to be an important signal.  But page load times particularly for the mobile first world we are moving to are also very important.
Visit Googles speed test page, compare your website and then your competition. Personally I would address these issues before moving to HTTPS.
Then look at the usual ranking factors, build some good quality links, active social media presence. I'd also question the need for multiple websites advertising the same service. If it was me, I'd consolidate and concentrate on promoting one site.
So to answer your question, don't change to HTTPS as a matter of principle, change to HTTPS as part of an ongoing an coordinated marketing plan. Your competition may look more amateur than your website in your eyes, but if it loads quicker, is more secure, and Google deems it to be returning relevant content for relevant search results, then that's why it will out rank you. 
But never tinker, always sit down and plan any changes. Near the top of page 1 is infinitely better than the top of page 4 
Hope that helps.
Found  solution to the image ,albeit a lot of work by adding a S into every product ,already done Bar-ware so it passes why no padlock now  .Have added the https to google to start search for the links ,although not sure if they will , but time will tell ”

The reason you don't have a padlock is because you are still referencing unsecured elements in your web page, eg:

Have a chat with your hosting bods. None of it is major, it just needs them to go through your site and remove any http dependencies. 

Welcome to the forums Phil