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New website. 16th March 2017 2:45 PM

Hi there, welcome aboard.

Do you mean your website wasn't showing on your listing page? I just checked and there was a typo, a comma instead of a dot after the www

But just changed it and your web address is working.

Feel free to dive into any conversations or tell us more about your business 

SSAF Window films 16th March 2017 2:40 PM

Welcome aboard.

Enchanted in Lichfield 16th March 2017 2:37 PM

Hello Deborah, welcome aboard. Feel free to add your 5 pence worth to any discussions, or start a new one.

Brexit Slow Down? 16th March 2017 2:33 PM

From our side of the fence (digital marketing and local authority trader schemes) we haven't seen any major impact yet. We seem to lurched from one crisis to the next since the recession really kicked in back in 2008.

Since then we have had doom and gloom, followed by the Scottish referendum (some of our business is in Scotland), Brexit and general political upheaval. The dollar has gone from nearly 2 to the pound to just over 1 over the last 10 years, with the Euro all over the place. A lot of our revenue is in Dollars and Euros, although it's working in our favour at the moment.

I'm not even sure what normal operating condition's are anymore?

I'm guessing a lot will be based on whether you either do any business in Europe, export or need to buy in materials as to how much it impacts you.

I'm more worried by a lack of credible opposition to the government, which this weeks budget u-turn seemed to highlight. With no serious opposition, regardless where your politics are, the governing party can get away with a lot more, with the current focus on small business owners

But back to your question, I personally believe there is going to be a financial impact for most people, at least in the short to medium term. I've no doubt the history books will record it as the best thing we ever did and it signalled the end of the EU as we know it. But I suspect the likes of me and you will be paying for the cost to enable the freedom of the future.

Introduction 16th March 2017 2:17 PM

Welcome aboard Tina, great introduction 

It sounds like a business that is very rewarding. With the way demographics are going I imagine you should be well placed for some serious growth over the coming years.

MirraCool Photo Booth says Hi :-D 16th March 2017 2:13 PM

Welcome aboard Mima, feel free to dive into any discussions or start your own 

Mobile Welder 16th March 2017 2:12 PM

Welcome aboard.

I like the name, Shhh Engineering 

How to grow my business 15th March 2017 5:20 PM

1. Don't put low quality spam on forums

2. Honesty - Don't pretend to be based in Nottingham when your IP is in Bangladesh.

Tree surgery and grounds maintenance 15th March 2017 5:11 PM

Welcome aboard, and feel free to dive into any discussions or start a new thread 

The benefits and rewards versus the risks, stress and pressure of running a small business seem to go further out of synch.

Do you get the feeling the chancellor isn't a big fan of small business?