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Unique New Telecoms Company 13th April 2017 10:01 AM

Welcome aboard Yappley, congratulations on the new venture.

I hope everything goes well for you and feel free to bounce ideas on the forum and just dive into any discussions 

Did they mistake him for an animal? 13th April 2017 9:51 AM

Oh my word, this has to be one of the best stories of the year.

It has to be a masterclass in how not to do PR and reputation management. I think Mark Ritson from Marketing Week summed it up the best: United’s CEO makes a mockery of the word ‘leadership’

But as always, Twitter never fails to disappoint when big brands get it horrendously wrong. Here's some of my favourites from the #unitedairlines hashtag

You clearly provided enough evidence in my opinion that you you've been sent unsolicited messages where it was stated that you were nominated for a variety of awards that happen to come from magazines owned by the same company, but it would be nice to also see further evidence.

Many thanks.



Hi Markus

I think you are getting confused between spam and scam. Yep we got unsolicited messages, I don't need to check email headers for that, but then I get sent hundreds of spam emails every day. 

But the point is that the actual whole awards concept is a scam. Or call it opportunistic business, unethical business, maybe predators of the gullible, or I just call it simply a scam.

But for some that think the expense and theatre of self delusion or purchased credibility gives a good business return when able to show a winners badge on their website, then good luck to them. Alternatively just make something up in photoshop and put that on your website. eg: After a survey of 4 old ladies, Steve was found to be the number 1 business man in the  Alcester Post Office queue. Trophy and certificate in the post, £3 Morrisons meal deal award dinner. 

So have you been approached, or is this something you are considering? 

Cambridgeshire wedding photographer 4th April 2017 11:57 AM

Welcome aboard Kate

Thanks for the response, an interesting insight to your market. You do need to be careful with data, particularly if it is the intellectual property of another organisation, but as you say it's helped shine a lot on a niche and an opportunity.

Reply wise, you should receive an email (just 1 a day) from any new unread replies, and a Friday round up again of any unread replies.

So how is business going? Is it the roller coaster you were expecting? Certainly never a dull day, even after 11 years! 

Overpaid Tax - Not sure why 4th April 2017 11:50 AM

Hi Sue

If your new company accounts team are handling it, then it is probably best to let them deal with it, but keep the pressure on them for an answer. They can phone up HMRC and get an answer pretty quickly. If you have overpaid then HMRC will refund you.

If you're not confident your new company can sort it out, then contact HMRC directly:

Alternatively if you have no joy with HMRC, then you could try an organisation called Taxaid:

Welcome aboard

Going to have to check to see if I can take mine on my next holiday as need it to check my shop and listings every day otherwise is going to be a nightmare having to always find a PC somewhere or borrow someone's all the time grrrrr”
Now the idea of a holiday Andy is to down tools and not be working 

Welcome aboard Jane

Hi Sean, interesting introduction approach!

Why not tell us more about you and your business, how long have you been going etc.