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Published 4th June 2015 |
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As anyone come across any unique cost effective advertising and marketing approach to growing a small business, that they will like to share? 

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We have quite a few threads that discuss this, here is a particularly useful one:

Lead Generation Ideas

A lot depends on what you are trying to achieve, and budget. Cost effective to a lot of start ups normally means free. Relying on free advertising is a hard and very slow way to grow a business.

Low cost then normally starts at printing leaflets and delivering themselves, or maybe PPC, on either search engines or social media.

Give us more detail and I'm sure you will get some better feedback.

Steve Richardson
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Thank you Steve for your response, very much appreciated.

As a small business we have limited budget and as suggested 'free' is what we have been focusing on for on-line advertising. We have been using postal leafleting and direct contact with potential clients.

Social media is next on target with the limited resources available for start-up.

I was merely wondering if anyone had come across any other medium that wasn't costly as in hundreds of pounds, but found it effective. 


SAquila Inventory

I think establishing an online presence on social media is pretty vital these days. Twitter and Facebook are favourites. Twitter you can involve yourself in local 'Twitter hours' and build up a following by posting creative or interesting content. As you can also with Google plus, although I still don't get on with that really.

I have found meeting and interacting with other local businesses through networking has really helped me, but then I am targeting small/medium sized businesses with my service. 

Find out who your target market is and where they are and then use that (LinkedIn is supposed to be really good for B2B but I haven't seen much benefit as yet, but maybe I'm not getting it quite right).


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