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Published 25th January 2021 |
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We are an independent property inventory service provider, check-in and check-out, we would like to hear the opinions of the general public, clients, agents, landlords, tenants, about any issues, improvements that the market would require.


Many thanks,

Sebastian Tiplea
Trust Inventory Ltd

I think there's usually a lot of issues between tenants and landlords with mistakes in inventories and deposits being kept etc. Most letting agents I've had to deal with always try and pull a fast one. 

Earning the trust of both parties and being 100% reasonable and fair would be things I would focus on advertising. 

Thank you very much for your response Rebecca. I agree there are many situations just like you have described and I tend to agree with you, just to give you an example, one of our property inventory clients always welcomed their student tenants with full information about the property, keys, duties and obligations, bin collection dates and instruction, tea bags, milk and biscuits ready for their check-in. I am sure he was always prompt with the occasional repairs as well, this shows if you treat your tenants with respect, there are chances they will treat the property the same.

Thanks again.

Sebastian Tiplea
Trust Inventory Ltd

I totally agree. It usually works both ways and you get what you give quite often. Not every tenant will be perfect but the better you treat people the more likely they are to treat you well in my experience. 

Welcome aboard Sebastian

Shared repairs definitely comes to mind, particularly in mixed private/rented blocks. From tenants chasing landlords to take ownership or traders chasing payment once works were complete.

Steve Richardson
Gaffer of My Local Services
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Hi Steve, thanks for your thoughts, yes, there seems to be a very fine line between what lettings agents should be accountable for, what the landlord should fix and the economical equation of the investment. I don't think a landlord would go broke tho, should they try to be top-notch and always responding promptly to tenant's maintenance issues.

Thanks again for your thoughts.




Sebastian Tiplea
Trust Inventory Ltd

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