Need Help with GTIN number (which is associated with bar codes)

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Published 25th January 2021 |
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I am new to the business world, since I have been a software engineer and writer all my life.

But now I am trying to start a business.  I am trying to set it up online.  Part of the process has been to create a GTIN for a product I have made.  I have already downloaded the bar code from gs1 after I purchased the GTIN from gs1.  As proof, here is the bar code I downloaded.

But as I was trying to set up my page online, on an ecommerce site, I was told that the validity of the Product Id could not be confirmed in the GS1 GPIR which, I assume, is some sort of database.  Do I need to contact someone?  I already sent a request to GS1 for help.  I am wondering if anyone here has any advice and/or experience with this.


I only know about 12/13 digit variable barcodes and even they can be a headache sometimes.. I reckon you should just wait for them to get back to you, could even be a update issue not being done on the ecommerce site

Andy-C | Pewter World

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