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There is also upwork which is very good. I use it often to get work done.. Fiverr is not so good any more, it's popular 

Now I have visions of you are trying not to fall out of the office chair as the van goes round a corner  


 situations bring out the the absolute best

BAck when it all started , I was absolutely amazed at how many people actually put their hands up to help with the NHS as you were putting your own life before others, they should really be commended for their actions too

It has hasn't it ..Only seems to be spammers and a lot of people that introduce themselves and never return

@Steve.Richardson  Yes it does feel like just the other day you were playing with the forum

Wordpress alternative 23rd May 2020 11:52 PM

Slowly getting the hang of this Word press.. Spend a lot of time take 1 step forward 10 steps back..

Do you think it is wrong to have examples of what you do on the home page and explanations  and a shop on another tab. I see most others have there product categories as the home page, I've seen a few with examples.. But our camera pictures are not as great as any other site... That will have to be worked on for sure

mmmmmmm I need to take heed of this .. Getting into a bad habit of going to bed around 1am now ..oops

I do 5 and 10 ...Although it's a audio book ,does that count


My Website 23rd May 2020 12:18 PM

Well I took the plunge last night and stopped all advertising on google and advertise on Bing as I have a lot more control + it gives me more money to spend on just that blogs etc.

I do that often at work   stop off where ever I am and have lunch looking at the sea ...Not quite the same as my true home but still nice and relaxing

My Website 21st May 2020 4:25 PM

Yes I know But it's more of a case of knowing you on the forum.I would feel awkward asking you and then have to turn you down.Just the way I am ..To polite.. The other issue is I have 1700 products.. But just out of interest how much would you charge ,say per product to write

Wordpress alternative 21st May 2020 10:52 AM

I have known about that for  awhile now.. But you spurred me on to try again today.... Managed with a lot of trouble to to get them all up,albeit with lots of missing stuff  which I will have to do manually as I didn't have the info

Thank you