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They both are. But it's the learning curve you have to go though, but luckily material is cheap to buy as plywood is good enough to learn with I am hoping to go onto glass, like mirrors and glasses.. But time will tell if I can or can't get to grips with it. 


Happy New year to you too.. It certainly did put a dampener on my site + Royal Mail strikes did not help 1 bit..

I bought myself a laser machine to try this year and see what I can end up doing with it.. Also seen the light with 3d printing and how affordable they have become, I am now toying with the idea of buying 1 of these as well as they both can be quite profitable you you know what you are doing.. They still intrigue me as to how they can print such fine detail.. Anyway not got any resolutions as such , but would love to find  a job that doesn't require driving as am getting to old to be doing long distance now  

Certainly prefer the new way. Can be very frustrating when you ask a question and there is no answer

Paypal Scam 22nd December 2022 10:36 PM

Oh my , thanks for the warning... I have never been asked but it is good to know 25th October 2022 6:05 PM

That's OK lol

I actually don't do engraving, all done by the factory...Although  I do want to start doing engraving as a hobby first then add things like glasses that I keep and sell on.. There is so much you can do with a decent machine. Albeit a desktop version 7th September 2022 6:48 PM

Hi All

I am trying to buy myself a new toy as I want to start a hobby (Laser engraving)  and the apart from here it is the only 1 I would trust as the other sites have really really bad reviews.

Just wanting thoughts on it

Is it worth it to do SEO Locally? 2nd August 2022 11:30 AM

I have been doing the same with my wife's cake business.. I am only doing the basics and do more for advertising on facebook and anything else that is town related. There is not much worth advertising country wide as there is no point selling a cake 100s of miles away

My wife's facebook page is actually doing very well, so just saying she has a website will bring  good traffic ... I hope, as I'm still building it but pictures are the hardest thing to get hold of.

It does which is why I deleted it lol, but here goes

I am pro gun. I have been since I was first allowed to shoot with my Dad. Got my own 9mm when I was about 19.. Went o see the Police for my test and soon got my license. Apart from weekly range practice I carried it for work as as you can image Africa is not a safe place especially when you are the only white person for miles around.I only came close to using it once but chose flight (just imagine south London and a huge gang of 100 or so gangsters coming your way).

That being said I don't like the USA way of getting any gun. I think you should be vetted first and shown you are capable to carry. Also a weapon should always be a last resort and even then think twice 

Also being in the army (conscripted and wasn't happy about it)at 17 I shot a vast range of weapons and was taught to respect any weapon

**Still don't know if I should delete it **

Deleted my post

My Local Services USA is refreshed 13th May 2022 11:03 PM

Oops sorry I thought it was spam  ...  To me 2 or more of the same thing is spam... It's been ingrained in me as there is so much of it

Not to worry , I just got a white page when posting it , but if you are getting them then good