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Published 19th March 2010 |
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Has anyone had any dealings with these guys? I'm just about to start a 2 year advertising campaign with them.

I've paid
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Looked into this myself a couple of years ago when they set it up in our area.

I joined a few post office queues and observered the average public, and if they paid any attention. Its a good idea, you have a bored captive audience, but couldn't see the benefits for our industry, ie online and expecting a granny getting her pension to remember or care about our web address.

Cost wise, for a 2 year deal, sounds pretty good, went through my notes to see who our offer was with, but obviously filed it! Never heard of but nothing obviously dodgy after a quick google search

Be very interested to hear how you get on. Do you have any expecatations? ie brand or to generate revenue, so recoup the initial cost then move into profit.

Do you have a plan to try and capture the effectiveness, ie the good old how did you hear about us?

Steve Richardson
Gaffer of My Local Services
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forum avatarKip FX Design
19th March 2010 7:27 PM
Hmm that sounds good to me, how many SME's still using the post office for mailing stuff? Will be keeping a close eye on this one!

forum avatarToysgamesgadgets
21st March 2010 7:01 PM
Hi guys well i'm keeping my hopes pinned on their sales pitch, that it's no longer just grandma in the queue for her pension anymore, as the post office now does foreign exchange stuff, the obvious stuff parcels, and they do loans the lot, so it's bringing a new range of ages into the place for alot more services than they ever did.

As i'm selling toys etc i'm hoping to see a big spike in sales going to the Plymouth area so i can gauge it pretty well on the ROI we'll see i suppose, i did all the checks i could think of and i couldn't find any dodgy stories on the net either!

I'll keep everyone posted!

forum avatarBrian Lee
23rd May 2010 8:41 PM
Has anyone had any dealings with these guys? I'm just about to start a 2 year advertising campaign with them.

I've paid

forum avataroops
29th June 2010 2:04 PM

The contracts are rolling and not for a set period – this is how CNETWORK Portal make their money – every year money will leave your account until you give them a full 12 months notice to cancel.

forum avatarSandwich Maker
22nd August 2010 9:30 AM

I was approached by them via Cold calling . As i was newly in business it seemed like a good move to sign up. The Salesman came round and we did the deal.

I did ask about the possiblities of termination if i sold the business and the new owner did not want the contract. The salesman told me that there were in some instances a possibilty of terminating the contract. He was not being Truthful I have discovered.They will not terminate for any reason at all.

Also the screens are blank OFTEN. They say it is due to Human Error or Technical Faults.They will credit you with time lost, but to me this is just a way of keeping you in their KEEPNET.

I thoroughly check any marketing companies before signing up. I appreciate some (not all) of the helpful reviews here before my meeting with the Marketing Manager.

My initial feelings were that it's a good idea to keep my name in the forefront of the local community especially since we have been here more than thirty years and the natural changing demographics of people moving in and out of the area.

The Post offices are all different..some are good sites some aren't so good for various reasons..footfall, number of counters, poor areas and affluent areas.

Advertising with a limited budget for me can't be a gamble but rather a calculated one. I've tried newspapers..who reads them from cover to cover and the chances of missing my AD amongst all the others.

I signed up approximately two months ago. Make sure in your contract you have stipulated "24 months only". I've had four enquiries and successfully gained two extra clients. Some of my colleagues have also mentioned that they saw my AD.

To conclude I feel it's unfair and unjustified some of the bad reviews on here. Sure there are bad marketing companies out there but there are also some good ones. At the end of the day we all want to maximise our business potential.

"Well Done! CNetwork for delivering an effective marketing campaign.

David Fitzgerald

...To conclude I feel it's unfair and unjustified some of the bad reviews on here. Sure there are bad marketing companies out there but there are also some good ones....

Welcome aboard David.

That's a bit of a thread bump, the last post was Aug 2010! But nice to hear some positive feedback.

You seem to be under the impression the thread is about knocking cnetwork? The OP simply asked for some feedback as he was considering signing up, and I said it sounded like a good deal, and we had considered it, but decided it wasn't for us.

Since then, other posters have added their experiences, but like I say, it's been quiet for the last couple of years.

I did notice another thread on whocallsme who seem to have a lot of feedback about aggressive sales techniques, and there have been a lot more recent comments. There's also an interesting response from a company representative, although that is also dated 2010.
01253888400 - who calls me from 01253888400? 1/2

But the reality is, it seems to be working for you, and you are converting 50% of your enquires.

Must admit, since you can now tax the car online, and update things like your driving license, my visits to the local PO really are once in a blue moon

What type of business are you, I wonder if you are targeting a certain demographic, maybe older people who are regular PO users?

Does any other UK members advertise via these PostOffice TV screens, or do you notice them in the PO queue?

Steve Richardson
Gaffer of My Local Services
My Local Services | Me on LinkedIn

Thank you for your reply.
I only posted my reply as I felt a couple items in the reviews were helpful in negotiating my agreement with the cnetwork.
My local Post office in Buckinghampshire has quite a mixed Clientele..some of us have a misconception that a post office serves mostly 'grannies' collecting their pension; most pensioners including my mother receive a direct transfer into their bank account. If we follow this erroneous line of thought maybe now the banks will be full of 'grannies' because everyone else does their payments online - maybe not. Whist I appreciate you can almost do everything online via the internet, there is still a lot of customers who still prefer face to face contact for their services hence the high footfall and ques.

I am a Solicitor and often visit my Postoffice to send my documents, I also do my banking there. So I see firsthand the services customers are using. Postoffices are known for postage first and foremost, and they provide road tax as you mentioned, passport service, paying bills, currency, banking, loans etc. So a perfect target audience a mixture of young couples buying their first house requiring conveyancing, family arbirtration or divorce settlement. Motorists doing their road tax requiring personal injury services. We have a small community of multinationals who use money transfer services so requiring immigration advice and last but not least the elderly requiring Wills and Estates services but also popular amongst the middle age.

If your target audience isn't in the Postoffice, the marketing manager informed me that they have a portfolio of different sites for the right audience; medical centres, golf clubs, etc..
Good luck.
Best Regards

David Fitzgerald

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