Cloned Royal Mail website scam

By : Administrator
Published 15th April 2021

I came across this article on the Which website and is fascinating at the lengths some scammers will go to.

In the good old days, 90% of scammers were Asian or East European based and emails were full of typos. But this shows a worrying level of sophistication, from duplicating the Royal Mail website.

When the user falls for it and enters their card details to pay for a postage charge, the bank blocks a £1 test transaction from the scammers, which they can tell, so then they spoof a bank number and phone up as the fraud team! Luckily the victim was savvy enough to question the reason why he needed to set up a new sort code and account number.

Just shows though, always be on your guard and question everything, never assume.

fake texts, calls and a cloned Royal Mail

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