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Published 7th March 2017 |
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If you've never received these calls you are very lucky.  There is now a new variation on the theme from two different supposed sources.

Last Friday I was called by someone from "Microsoft Technical Centre" advising my computer was under attack.  Instead of telling me which buttons to press, he wanted to give me the contact details for "Microsoft Service Centre in London" who would be able to sort the problem out.  He wouldn't shut up and started shouting at me when I told him he was a crook.  Last number barring was put to good use.

It appears that TalkTalk customers have been contacted by scammers allegedly from TT, who are also advising to contact a different TT department.  The calls originate in India and the call centre scripts have been given to the UK media by the whistle-blowers.  

Finally, if you think the days of the letter scam have gone since the advent of e-mail, sorry to disappoint.  My aunt recently received a letter from someone working for a Hong Kong bank, offering her a share of a deceased person's wealth before the government got their hands on it.  


These scams just won't go away. The MS support ones rumble on, but too many people still sadly fall for it

Another variation we had recently was the hotmail scam

Commonsense is still the best form of defence for 99% of these scams and educating people to never agree to anything from a cold call. Hang up, do 5 minutes research, then if looks ok, contact them back. If you can't, then close escape 

I used to think it was the elderly and vulnerable that were the primary victims, but you see on the media and hear about lots of younger or middle-aged victims. I suspect some of it is the Jeremy Kyle audience...

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