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Published 16th April 2020 |
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In uncertain times like this, it can be rich pickings for scammers and fraudsters, particularly on social media.

Please ignore COVID-19 social media quizzes or any kind of quiz or poll. Also, think about all those copy and paste messages people want you to put on your profile to support one cause or another.

The questions are often used to harvest personal data, which can be used by scammers to build a profile of you and can lead to identity theft or fraud.

Common questions can include the name of your first pet, schools you attended, key dates, names of your kids. Then you help promote scam by distributing it to your friends which is why this is such a popular means of social engineering and harvesting data.

What looks like a bit of innocent fun could actually turn out to be a co-ordinated viral harvesting exercise by professional scammers.

In this modern world, you may be surprised to learn it's the younger generation who are more prone to freely giving away their personal data than older folk, who tend to be liberally dosed with a lifetime of acquired cynicism.

There is a reason why there are so many quizzes, polls and "pass this message to your profile" type posts. Because they are so popular, which in turn makes them such an effective tool for the unscrupulous. Not all quizzes and polls are bad, just assume they are.

Start being more shrewd, a little more cynical and start educating younger members of your family or circle of friends that privacy is something to be cherished, not given away on a whim. 


Steve Richardson
Gaffer of My Local Services
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Yes sadly it can be rich pickings for some and you really have to be on your guard all the time..

Andy-C | Pewter World

I have to admit I hate these things anyway. I hate all chain messages, they're as bad as the age old chain letters that people would send! Threatening terrible bad luck if you didn't participate. 

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