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Published 6th June 2018 |
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I love this particular pearl of wisdom from Seth Godin. Great lesson in marketing a difficult to love product.

"The story goes that James Cook brought fermented German cabbage with him on a long voyage, an innovative way to combat scurvy.

He knew that getting his sailors to eat this strange and stinky food was going to be difficult, particularly since scurvy is a long-term problem, not something you want to try to solve after you get it.

His answer was based on recognizing the power of status roles and is widely applicable:

For the first two weeks of the journey, only the captain and the officers were allowed to eat sauerkraut.

Demand creation through status roles has a long history, apparently."

credit: Seths Blog

Steve Richardson
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 I think the same 'pearl' could be applied to Oysters and Caviar. 

Many thanks,
Natalie - Your Local Girl Friday

I don't care who eats them , I will never ever touch Oysters or Caviar, just the thought sends a shiver down my spine .Never eaten sauerkraut but would love to try it

Andy-C | Pewter World

hey, Steve seems nice post. I would love to try sauerkraut. 

 Many Thanks,

Ali Raza - Travel consultant 



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