How important is a blog page to your website?

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Published 21st July 2017 |
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For us, our blog page at Calibre Office Furniture has helped a great deal with driving traffic and just overall website performance. Some people have mixed views on this and not everyone agrees that it is a very helpful way to boost your website performance.

What are your thoughts on this?

Look forward to hearing all your views on this topic.

Thank you, 

Calibre Office Furniture.

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Great to hear from you, really interesting insight! What kind of posts do you usually publish?

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Thank you for your message @thelegalstop. We create a diverse set of content mostly related around the workplace sector. Find out more about us here: 

Do you also create blogs on your website? If so, what are your thoughts on the subject matter?

Look forward to hearing your views on this.

Many thanks,

Aarti - Calibre Office Furniture


We've worked with a huge range of small and medium-sized businesses. For many, a blog can be really useful in driving awareness and traffic, as long as it is planned around the right topics and updated regularly. New, fresh, high-quality content also means that search engines will visit more regularly, and that tends to mean any other changes to the site will also be picked up more quickly and shown in search results.

It's certainly worked for our own website, as well...

as long as it is planned around the right topics and updated regularly. New, fresh, high-quality content .”

I agree, a blog is wonderful as long as you have something to say!
Keeping a log of future post ideas would be very handy, as well as making sure you have emergency and back up options too for when you don't have time to write a new post. Ideally the topics should be relevant to your business, but it is also nice to relate them to things going on in the world.


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I think a Blog is essential. In fact I run two and both are on my website.  One blog relates directly to the work I am doing or things that inspire me, the second is advice for new creatives.

I also use Insagram as a blog and that has a prominent link on my home page.

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Thank you everyone for your views on this topic. For us, our blog page is a greatly fundamental part of our website too. We are currently heavily involved in guest post exchanges with several B2B companies, which have proved very successful so far. If you or anyone you know is also interested to work with us, then please get in touch. Having extended our network on the blog front has really helped improve the performance of our website and given us a stronger presence online  

Please email me on: if you wish to also take part in a friendly content collaboration opportunity with us.

Look forward to hearing from you.



Also forgot to mention, check out our blog page here:

Have a great day.

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Hi all

The fantastic thing about a blog is that it gives you something to share and link to other websites and Social feeds, and the more you do this the more Google likes you! The Google-bots recognise you as someone who is actively contributing to the online world and reward you with SEO.

A win-win, so keep your blogs regularly updated and share them across as many networks as you can.


Many thanks,
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Part of my business of writing or editing blogs for clients and it really helps them boost their visibility on social media and their SEO. You definitely need something to say though, but I love that about my job! Coming up with ideas for different types of businesses and writing about different subjects keeps things interesting. I really need to make time for my own blog though! 

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