Its the end of the Search Engine (as we know it)

Published 12th July 2017 | View or add comments

Welcome to Artificial Intelligence (AI), Voice Search and Augmented Reality (AR).

    • Are you a business owner trying to market your business online?
    • Are you in the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) industry and fighting denial?
    • Do you know where search marketing is going and who the players will be tomorrow?

Select a heading below to learn more and read on. I would appreciate your comments and feedback.

Did Google kill SEO?


Penguins and Pandas – cuddly algorithm codenames


Search Engines moved to structured data – did you?


Artificial Intelligence – Sci-Fi or search engine?


Voice Search – is your website now irrelevant?


Context – the new ingredient to the search algorithm


Augmented Reality – search will also flow in a different direction


Re-branding SEO – re-evaluate your SEO partners and strategy


Enter the Digital Knowledge Manager (DKM)


Optimising your data in a voice search, AI and AR search world


The rise of Bing


Summary - TL;DR - (Too long and didn't read

The way people search and the technology used is changing. But contrary to popular myth:


The SEO Manager may give way to a Digital Knowledge Manager, but good skill sets will be harnessed, work will become more challenging and interesting. Embrace it and move forward.

If you are a business owner or decision maker, then take a close look at your marketing strategy and spend. Are your current partners capable of taking you and your business on this new digital journey?

The future of search is already here, it’s happening. Take stock, evaluate where you are in this knowledge management era and apply whatever action you must. Ride the wave as an early adopter rather than watching from the shore.


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