The Christmas Countdown begins!

Published 12th December 2016 | View or add comments

So have you been naughty or nice? Well I guess if the decorations have gone up and you are ‘rocking around the Christmas tree’ all naughtiness may have been forgotten by Santa as everyone is as happy as Larry.

I imagine there have been many Christmas parties already so I’m hoping the hangover wasn’t too bad, and you turned up for work the next day. For those that are still awaiting theirs, have fun! 

Now what I really want to know - what is your Christmas status?

Status 1: Halo - I have been very organised

Christmas shopping was started months in advance- around the start of October perhaps All the Christmas dinner ingredients have been bought and are now being stored in the freezer. Decorations are up inside the house, tree is colour co-ordinated and is picture perfect. You have spent the last few weeks wrapping your Christmas presents and they now sit underneath the tree with bows and are all labelled with gift tags.

You now spend your spare time feeling smug, eating mince pies and drinking wine whilst you laugh at the others who rush around trying to be in the position you are now in.

Status 2: Gold star - I'm getting there

You have started your Christmas shopping, but are starting to panic a little bit because you still have a big present to get someone with mo idea what to get. You have a few bottles of wine ready for Christmas day however no ingredients for the dinner. The decorations are up, however you still need to put the lights up outside but you don’t know when you are going to find the time because you still need to finish your present shopping. Your spare time needs to be focused on finishing everything off so you can sit back and relax ready for Christmas day.

Status 3:  C Minus - disorganised chaos

You haven’t brought one present yet because you thought you’d get everything together when you are paid early for Christmas. Or you just can't be bothered. You have no food or alcohol ready for Christmas day because you know the kids will just eat the chocolate and you will end up drinking the alcohol! The tree has only just gone up but you had to hold off on the tinsel because the cat keeps pulling it down. You now sit and sob because you are so unorganised, you reach for the wine to make you feel better but then you realise you don’t have any because you decided not to buy any, this makes you feel worse. You sit envious of those that were organised.

Whatever your status

Many people take Christmas as it comes and don’t flutter an eyelid, others tend to stress all the planning that may be needed. What’s important is that we are surrounded by the people we love and we just relax. Christmas is a time of good will and fun and doesn't  have to be all about presents and financial stress.

So whatever your situation, when it comes to loved ones, we are all on their nice list. Don’t forget to breathe, chill out, relax and enjoy. It's CHRISTMAS.

Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all have a wonderful time.

Best wishes.

The My Local Services team.


Thanks, Rachael Kennedy
MLS Marketing Team
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