A branding lesson from Google

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Published 10th September 2015

As Google repositions itself and becomes a subordinate under it's Alphabet overseer, Google itself has decided to re-brand.

It's not the first time, and as they say in their blog, it won't be the last. But it's an interesting development that might be worth taking on-board or at least thinking about for your own business.

Here's the new Google logo:

Which replaces the outgoing one:

Although more of a tweak than a re-brand, the real story is the acknowledgement that Google no longer sees the desktop as it's primary delivery device. It has built on it's now familiar colour theme to create familiar looking logos which will work on smaller devices.

The fact it has created the microphone one shows how much importance it is putting on speech capable devices.

So if nothing else, look at your own business and branding. How does it compare across different devices. Is it recognisable, does it work, and can your customers identify you?

Here is the Google blog entry if you haven't seen it:

Google’s look, evolved

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