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Published 27th November 2014 |
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Ok... to get it on the TV, you really need a special cable from the computer so I'm told... 

So, here's the score. I'm no Steven Spielberg, and I haven't got the budget to even employ someone who knows what they're doing with a camera, but, I really really like the benefits of screen advertising.

I also don't have the budget for TV.

End of post.

Not quite! 

We should all know about Youtube right? Of course, this is where we get videos of ducks playing the piano, and strangely enough... 'Cats Sitting in Circles'... I think you all know about that...

But it's also used a lot for business - and more so, if the search terms are right, relative videos will show up in Google results - thus providing another link to your products...

So, I set about making videos for 2 of my companies - both the public ones under the 'Centric' banner. One deals with First Aid Training, the Other deals with Research and Genealogy. 

Thing is, one of these companies, the First Aid side is all about education, and we do that face to face - mainly because that's how our customers get qualified, so we didn't want to make videos that could distract from our bread and butter.

Literally, whenever I have some time spare, I'll make a video, of sorts, upload it, and post it to all the social media sites. They are all off the cuff, and unscripted, which isn't the best of ideas really...

Now again, I'm no Presenter, I'm no Film guru, I don't have a sound engineer, or a mixing desk, and I am limited to the equipment I have (All in one Camera of all things). 

The quality isn't awesome, I use windows movie maker to edit, and it's all done on the same computer I'm using now.

But, you know, it kinda works... and some of the slightly better ones are used on our website.

If you're in ANY business that doesn't have the budget to do this, then there's surely no harm in doing it yourself. Coffee shops, B&B's, Clothes shops, Accountants, etc etc, there are so many possibilities...

Take a look at two of our videos, try not to laugh too much... I actually talk like that on, and off camera! The two videos are an example, firstly of just a ramble about a piece of equipment, which is rather boring unless you're interested in the subject. The second is designed as an advert. Hop along to the channel if you like, and please thumbs up my videos if you like them. It does my morale the world of good! 

We are about to invest in a new premises, and at this stage, we will delete my videos and employ a local film crew to make some really good ones. I hope also to pass the baton of making the small videos to someone less camera shy, and who perhaps can present better.

Video 1. Blood Glucose Meter Vidlog. Centric First Aid Training

Video 2. Centric Genealogy and Research Advert


Does anyone else use videos? 

By the way, cost to me - £FREE. The best price ever, especially when money is tight!

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Bit disappointed Luke, not a Yakedar to be heard!

Am absolutely hopeless with video, but your vid, especially the second one has inspired us! Clive is buzzing with ideas and is downloading Windows Movie Maker as we speak

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Fascinating - it really has given me a few ideas 

Actually got a busy couple of weeks but will start playing around with some ideas over the coming weeks and maybe drop them on here for a bit of critique before i go live to the world .... 


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