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Published 31st May 2019 |
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Struggling on social media?

Not sure what to say or do to get new connections?

Adding people randomly and sending cold messages then getting sad when they don't reply?

Wondering why noone engages on your posts?

  • Firstly, stop selling all the time. It's boring. Cold messages by DM are especially lame.
  • Engage with others, it works, add value to posts and make useful comments. The algorithm will start to favour you.
  • Be yourself. Don't copy anyone else or just use viral videos to attract attention. People want to get to know you. People will buy from someone they know, like and trust.
  • Play the long game. Don't panic that you're engaging and not getting hundreds of sales, it will come. Building relationships with people who are in your target audience will grow your business in the long term.
  • Last and definitely not least, be kind! Collaboration not competition.

Got anymore tips? Drop them in the comments.



If you want to start your business., then Social Media is the biggest platform for you, where you can reach your business to more people in a short time. Here are some good tips that can grow your business -
1. Create your business profile to all top social media websites like-Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Tumbler, etc.
2. Post more business-related informative images.
3. Daily analyze your social media activity.
4. Market and sell service via pictures, videos, and infographics on the social media platform.
5. Use suitable and popular hag tags on Twitter, Instagram, etc

Mobile Traffic for Your Website

Thanks Zoey. Analysing your data is crucial. I do mine monthly and keep track of which posts do best so I can emulate them all. 

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