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Published 23rd October 2018 |
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I absolutely hate receiving junk emails and get around 20 a day as I'm sure all of you here do.

So what is your take on this , I received a email today about buying a email database. They say it is all freely available but it is all scrapped.I see it as just selling on and make a profit  so people can spam others with junk mail and should be closed down ... What is your take or am I wrong 

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Junk mail is a fact of digital life  

GDPR was supposed to take care of everything like a golden bullet, but spam tends to be sent by those who don't play by the rules and couldn't care less.

Buying email databases is a tactic of yesteryear. You could end up in potential hot water from a GDPR perspective, plus 99% of the data will be rubbish.

I get regular spam where my email is associated with the wrong company. It's on an email DB somewhere and I get spam enquiries asking if my haulage company needs this that or the other! It's been going on for donkeys years, and shows that same rubbish mail database is still in circulation and getting sold! 

Steve Richardson
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Just a coincedenceas it happened after I wrote the first post.

My new website which hasn't been live for more than a week has already received a spam message (with a spam blocker and all) sigh ..I suppose it is down to users to report these ... Although where does 1 report 

Big thumbs down to buying email databases, like Steve said. Spam is a total pain, the only plus side is they are always easy to spot, any typos or grammar errors and I immediately assume it's spam. Plus I don't know any African princes  

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