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Published 18th August 2022 |
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Hi, Are small businesses being sent down a black hole of accreditations, registrations, policies and form filling? The company I work for  Ede's UK Ltd is a commercial relocation company with many years of experience and are genuine in the desire to treat everyone equally and a keen interest in environmental issues.

I know that the Police already have too much 'paperwork' which no doubt can impact on them providing their core services.

Small business too, such as ours, also have become inundated with accreditations, standards, box ticking and greenwashing. Hardly a day goes by now without an invite, participation or new required policies,  statements and memberships.

Ede's has always been a fair organisation and treats everyone equally and we have also been innovative and ahead
with our environmental solutions and services to our clients.

Because we are a small business, we do not have or cannot afford individuals specifically allocated to some of the
positions which are often asked of us to provide. The recent ones seem to be to have 'champions' of this that and the other.

Many of us now wear a variety of 'hats' . In my case, my role is development, which of late, I seem to have less and less time to dedicate to my core role.

I appreciate that there are well meaning folks out there but governmental and other large institutions must understand that 
small businesses find it hard to keep up with this and it is becoming a financially burden.

Office Mover
Ede's UK Ltd
Many of us now wear a variety of 'hats' . In my case, my role is development, which of late, I seem to have less and less time to dedicate to my core role.”

I think I have my own hat stand

For small businesses, multi hats seems to be a daily reality, along with outsourcing. 

I'm a big fan of Daniel Priestley, and it was my business coach who got me into his books (which I would thoroughly recommend). But he has a great graphic which I've nicked below that explains the stages of business, and the two types of business to aim for. Lifestyle (micro) or a performance business (small to medium/large).

I'm definitely a Lifestyle business and very happy to stay there, but took me 10 years to get here, and then only after intervention from a business coach. So I have no intention of letting my team grow past 12, and have no relish to have a team of 50 plus and the associated headaches and stress. 

But before the lifestyle model or after it but before the performance model, you end up with the multi hatted culture with not enough resource, or not enough revenue to manage a growing teams and implement new policies, schemes, meet requirements etc. 

What I found (and it took 7 years longer than it should have) was I didn't have the resource / revenue balance right, and what should be outsourced and what should be done in house. When you get the balance right, it's like a huge weight lifting. But the thought of taking on huge risk and growing to an SME (performance) and getting through that desert patch fills me with dread. So a big thumbs up to those that do it, and succeed. But so many businesses fail in the journey from micro to SME, trying to evolve from a small knit and lean team, to multi teams, growing culture and associated issues.

As a smaller business, we accept multi hatting is a norm, but now have the flexibility to outsource or buy in advice and assistance as required, something I could only dream of not that long ago. 

Steve Richardson
Gaffer of My Local Services
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