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Published 26th October 2017 |
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I am looking to get a car shortly and considering having it professionally  liveried with the company details upon it up until now we have leased a vehicle so this hasn't really been an option so this is my first time trying this.  I have a payroll business so was thinking of including the business name, logo, website address and contact number and perhaps something along the lines of 'Payroll from £15 per month'.  

Does anyone currently do this and does it attract any new customers? Or do you think anything else should be included.

Any advice would be gratefully received. 


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I've had vans mainly liveried up for various businesses I've been involved in but the amount of new business gained form them has been minimal to the outlay and effort to remove the sign writing when it comes to selling the van in a few years.

With a car I would only consider the magnetic advertising signs which can be removed and added as & when you like and not cause any long term issues to the vehicle.

Personally I'd compare the cost of having the car sign written and local advertising costs against having a local taxi sign written which is constantly out driving in public and commercial areas  whereas your car will be parked up the majority of times and not seen!

I had a taxi sign written some years ago and it drew me more new business than any other kind of advertising or marketing.  


Hi Angela, tend to agree with Fish, look at magnetic signs. They are relatively inexpensive so minimal risk.

We did a taxi wrap years ago, it's very hard to attribute genuine customer sign ups and an expensive way to build brand. We also made the schoolboy error of putting a telephone number on the side. We got inundated with requests for a taxi  

You live and learn!

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