Sleep Deprivation

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Published 30th November 2016 |
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How many of us have a decent amount of sleep each night. The average amount of sleep for an adult human is 8 hours. Do we all sleep a good eight hours a night? If not why? Is there something stopping us like kids or work?

Many workers in the UK do not receive their average amount of sleep each night due to the stress of work and employment issues, many take the office home with them and continue to work until early hours of the morning. This usually wouldn't be such an issue as most workers then continue to get up and go to work the following morning however recent statistics show that 200,000 working days have been lost due to workers having lack of sleep and not turning up for work. This as an overall costing the UK £40bn.

Not only do we have to think about businesses losing out on money due to workers not turning up therefore more complaints;we have to think about how the economic cost of this is rising rapidly. By workers staying up until early hours more electricity and heating is being used due to them being awake- this having a very large negative impact on the environment and economy. 

The government are now encouraging employees to build nap rooms to emphasise the importance of sleep! How cool is that, don't mind if I do On the other hand the government is saying that workers should exercise at least once a day as this is scientifically proven to help you fall asleep and sleep for longer. 

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I don't recommend sleep deprivation, have suffered with it badly for the last 5 years... Can go for 72 hours with as little as 6-8 hours sleep, it is probably a silent killer and does no one any favours... I was doing 2-4 hours driving plus say around 10hrs manual work, getting home doing another 1hr or so emailing quotes / invoices.... Sooner or later you hit a brick wall... Much of my problems were down to diet.... Most of which was down to the Governments 5 a day twaddle.... and was basically over dosing on fruit and fruit juice and spent most of the days fermenting in fact I was all over the place.... Then some bright spark suggested cutting out the fruit and juice and within 48hrs I'm sleeping for 7-8 hrs again.... The stupid thing is, I would have been better off drinking a bottle of whisky every day....


Its so bad!! When I used to work ridiculous hours at McDonalds, I used to finish at 12 on the night then walk home, by the time I got home to go to bed I was really awake and couldn't sleep; or if i did sleep then I used to wake up at stupid hours because I was dreaming of Big Macs obviously yours is a lot worse than mine, so can't imagine how horrible yours was 

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There's a wide variety of reasons for this.  Mostly work-related stress, but can relate to the last thing you did before going to bed or your brain is trying to either "file" or "dump" events from the day.  Yes, it can also be your diet; too much spicy food/not enough or too much fluid/cheese.  Five-a-day or two litres of water does not suit everyone as in Barney's case.

I used to work for a guy who often had eight meetings per day in his calendar (no, he didn't manage to attend all of them).  I awoke one night because I could see his calendar inside of my eyelids.  My subconscious was obviously trying to sort this out.  Sad but true!

My trip to cinema on Saturday disturbed my sleep.  Woke around 330am and was thinking about the film.  Took me ages to drift off again.   Missed sleep finally caught up with me around 4pm yesterday......


Having a cat, that sometimes jumps up on the bed at 3am and starts licking your armpits doesn't help.....


my dogs are the same come running in a 6am wanting to go in the garden- its a no from me!!

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If i have had a busy day i usually take a ten min powernap about 4pm haha keeps me going! Must be getting old...

I love my naps!! You aren't getting old trust me think everyone loves a good nap 

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The government are now encouraging employees to build nap rooms to emphasise the importance of sleep! How cool is that, don't mind if I do  ”

Ahhh so that's why you were snoring at your desk!

I must confess I only sleep on average around 6 hours a night, and always have done, although try and catch up on a Sunday. 

Interesting to read Barneys point about fruit, in that case I'll stick with the whiskey 

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Try having two young children , one of whom seems to abjectly against sleep at night. I am sure some of you can relate to this. I have one who sleeps and one who doesn't and I haven't had  a full night's sleep in over 3 years. It is deeply unpleasant!

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