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Is your toast burnt? 24th January 2017 10:46 AM

Everything is burnt in this house, which considering the other half spends around 4 hours a day watching cookery programmes, you would think that after 30 odd years she would have go the hang of it. Not only that she has every single book the Hairy bikers, Jamie, and Gordon Ramsey have written... I think she models herself on the two fat ladies, with a bottle of plonk in one hand and a fag in the other..... 

Would You 20th January 2017 12:00 AM

Vote yes in a referendum for a council tax rise?? Surrey County Council are going to be asking their council tax payers to vote on whether or not to up their council tax by 15% to cover paying for social care..... Not sure I agree with this type of council management, I prefer people to lead rather than asking people what they want... I don't have a problem with social care or the state welfare but... So much money is squandered in this country, just what is this money going towards, it certainly wont be going to carers on the minimum wage....

Scam Alert 19th January 2017 1:54 PM

I've been aware of them for at least 15 years normally a Liverpudlian or Mancunian accent at the end of the phone..... haven't heard from them for a couple of years.... never bothered speaking to them just put them on speakerphone and take the Mick out of them whilst they waste their time and money 

How to become pregnant 17th January 2017 8:01 PM

Bet Steve would just love to start paying maternity leave 3 months in to a new job... Go for it Rachael...

Hello, want to tell us more about this?



How to become pregnant 17th January 2017 7:58 PM

Hello welcome to the forum.... Personally I love discussing health and medical issues.... So your website says you have a 99% success rate..... That is very impressive by any standards, firstly how many people were in this example? 10? 50? 1000?  How do you determine whether someone has got pregnant naturally or by them downloading your 'How to become pregnant guide' @ £550.00?

Considering your 99% strike rate, and like I said it is very impressive, in fact I'd go to say it's amazing, have you considered taking your product to the NHS? Because you too could save the nation millions, because they offer IVF which costs thousands of £££s, have a multitude of specialists, even renowned scientists and the success rate is around 40% (quick butchers on google) So your 99% success rate beats the NHS hands down at a fraction of the cost..... One more question, has your £550.00 download been independently tested and verified to work 99% of the time? If so who by?

Embracing 'Girl Power' 17th January 2017 2:59 PM

There's a very good reason why designer kitchens exist..... so women can be happy....

Greetings... 16th January 2017 10:39 AM

Don't you just love receiving emails that start off with... 'Greetings' or 'Greetings of the day to you' 10.30am in the morning and I've received 22 of them already 

GP Appointments...... 15th January 2017 7:01 AM

Well it does seem a bit of a rigmarole, went to another clinic for the blood test, I timed this visit to perfection as they close at 3.30pm so I arrived at 3.20pm, test done. Nurse says I now have to make another appointment in a weeks time back at my own GP's practice.... Just seems to me a lot of time is wasted running around by everyone for something that really should take no longer than 10 minutes.......

GP Appointments...... 12th January 2017 6:10 PM

I telephoned the docs for an appointment just after Christmas, said the earliest availability would be in 10 days time i.e. today..... I don't know what is going on around the rest of the country but listening to the news it seems no one can get to see a medical practitioner because they are overloaded with work. Well my appointment lasted all of 90 seconds, I told him my symptoms and he pressed the print button on his computer, promptly handing me some forms to go elsewhere to have some blood tests..... In the meantime the waiting room remained empty....  

Happy New Year! 2nd January 2017 3:30 AM

Stayed at home myself, everyone else went out which suited me fine... I actually watched Ghandi for the first time ever... Think most of the cast are now dead... or very close to it... Came under mortar attack around midnight, so the cats were freaked out for an hour....Then watched Micky Flanagan....Off to bed... Woken up at 5am with everyone wishing me a happy new year.... Spent the rest of yesterday, making as much noise as I possibly could... Just to annoy those who thought it might be a good idea to annoy me....