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Washing Machine Repairer wanted 3rd March 2017 11:39 PM

It's certainly how the boiler manufactures operate in the UK, sell their boilers to merchants who then onward sell at below RRP knowing full well that a fair percentage will breakdown. And the spare parts which cost only a few pounds to manufacture will cost £70 - £300 to purchase....

Hard hats do come in handy if you need to scoop out a blocked toilet....... just make sure it's some else's hard hat though....

Decided to dump Microsoft and windows 10 and treat myself to a new Apple 27inch iMac in the end and pleased to report everything now looks normal, everything works with my iPad and iPhone and my computer life is a dream at present......

But, since the upgrade we are now automatically logged out rather than staying logged in... is this for a reason? Its not really important just a query really....

New Zealand 22nd February 2017 11:27 AM

Is that where you are originally from then? Have always been under the impression that it is cold, wet and miserable like the UK, probably wrong impression... Nice lamb though

Have finally moved.. 22nd February 2017 11:21 AM

Funny you should say that, its 30 odd years since I've seen a road like this..... can finally get into second gear

I'll bet it's a different pace of life where you are now and the stress levels are lower!”


How serious do you take Health and Safety? 22nd February 2017 11:02 AM

I'm all for health and safety, but sometimes it can be a bit OTT and a bit repetitive, I've lost count how many times in the last 30 odd years someone feels the need to tell me how to bend the knees when lifting.... When the other half scrubs the kitchen floor, I know from past experience that it is best not to even attempt to walk across the floor.... However in any other environment I am inundated with warning signs, bollards, barriers, flashing lights and people wearing hi viz jackets warning me to stand back and stay clear as though there is some kind of nuclear spillage, when in fact it is nothing more than some kid knocking a bottle of ketchup of a supermarket shelve.....  Common sense seems to be lacking in most people nowadays... There is certainly a place for health and safety and I wouldn't knock it, but there is a cost element to it. As an example some boilers I fit weigh around 45kg suitable for a one man lift, other boilers I fit weigh 100kg + the manufacturers will state on the packaging that it is a 2 man lift..... question is, do I fit the boiler by myself knowing full well I can manage it, or do I employ someone for a days wages to do 5 minutes work and then watch me for the rest of the day?.....

Have finally moved.. 18th February 2017 12:17 PM

Moved to Holbeach, solid old victorian gaff with an attached annexe with a wrap around garden...Thinking ahead the annexe will come in handy for topping up pensions as there is a local college / university so plenty of students.... need to do a bit of work on the place and get some new windows as the original ones are still in place.....

The funny thing is, it takes me the same time 2hrs to travel from here to London as it did for me to travel 17 miles across London in the morning and at night.... and yes this is kind of semi retirement..... The government may want us all working till we're in our 70s.... but 55 suits me better thanks 

Why? 17th February 2017 4:49 PM

This is one of those moments when you wished you'd never asked.......way, way above my pea brain head

Ahhh that's because you've been staring at the sun...

It's just a URL test. When we coded the forum we didn't think about the profile URL. If you choose a two word username and leave a space, this becomes part of your profile URL. Computers don't like spaces so supplement them with % which can make URL's look visually odd.

So we plan (one day) to rewrite a blank space with another character. Realistically it will be a "-" "_" or a "."

I think the dot looks better, others views seem to prefer the underscore.

So just a bit of URL vanity and house keeping, good spot though 



Have finally moved.. 17th February 2017 10:12 AM

Think it might be starting of with a nightmare..... the estate agent I used to get a valuation on my old house has just presented me with an invoice of £1800.00 for introducing me to my next door neighbour even though we lived next door to each other for 15 years.... and it was myself that flogged them the house... the agent just did the valuation.... thankfully no contract was signed.... wonder whether this will go legal..

Happy Valentines Day!! 17th February 2017 10:02 AM

Think it might only be you that is loved up...... the rest of us are to busy working....