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What is your best summertime memory? 26th March 2021 10:37 PM

As a kid back in the 70s I use to hang out at a place called Tregantle Beach down in Cornwall..... just me and my dog Ben and a few one else around for miles, use to have fires with the washed up timber, burning up washed up oil slicks not realising what they actually were, baking potatoes and other food, rock pool fishing and of course puffing on the odd cigarette without being told off by any adults..... the 1976 drought was just brilliant.... all totally innocent and wonderful life..... sadly it with more people having access to cars it has become touristy.......I’d flip back to that life in a second if I could..

Harry and Meghan... thoughts? 5th March 2021 6:33 PM

I’m not a monarchist nor am I a communist........ but from a bygone era I know one knows how to deal with other....

I feel sad of them. 26th January 2021 9:37 PM

We’ve got 20 off with the virus at the bus depot, drivers, cleaners and canteen staff....... no managerial staff though..... can’t really fathom out the government position as the company I work fork is heavily subsidised by the government/ taxpayers....... government says compulsory to wear face coverings on public transport.... Dept of transport and company says, drivers cannot enforce this...... government says in recent advertising..... Bending  the rules will cost lives.... can see some legal claims heading their way...

Happy Xmas & bugger off 2020 25th December 2020 3:33 PM

Ok maybe not all doom and gloom...... Brexit trade talks are finally complete........... 

That's not like you, usually you're such a ray of sunshine 


Happy Xmas & bugger off 2020 24th December 2020 11:56 AM

Happy Christmas Steve & co......... sadly can only see more doom and gloom for the foreseeable future..

Everyone needs to be compliant, better to be on the side of caution than to just dismiss as being a waste of time..... obviously if you have some sort of scientific evidence that face coverings don’t work then that’s different..... however I take great pleasure in people watching, and seeing the smoke that’s excreted from smokers and vapers lungs in public areas..... it travels quite a distance usually followed by a cough and a splutter.... currently I don’t believe anyone knows enough on this virus, especially on the transmission of it..... I never knew we had so many professors in this country, but we do and they’re all offering different sound bites....... Better to protect yourself and family, than take a stupid risk...

I feel sad of them. 24th December 2020 11:34 AM

It’s been a funny old year that’s for sure, with many people ignoring government advice and doing their own thing...... Cannot get my head around allowing people to self exempt themselves....personally I believe everyone should be compliant when in public areas..... if not then they should be on permanent lockdown... seems to be smokers and snowflakes who want to be exempt... so they will continue to spread the virus regardless of other people’s safety..... Have read about too many people in my industry dying with Covid this year....up in the hundreds now..... next year company wants to plant a tree somewhere to remember them all... somehow I don’t think that cuts it....

Is everyone offended by everything? 10th June 2020 11:31 PM
The problem is you can't understand the perspective of the disadvantages you have when you're a person of colour unless you are one. Being white isn't a cake walk, but in the UK is rarely going to disadvantage you, but any other colour will. That's a fact. There's statistics a plenty to back that up. 

Yes people have other battles and woes and disadvantages but the current issue at hand and the campaign for Black Lives Matter is highly important in my mind. Changes need to be made at the core of society to rid us of the systemic racism that is there. 

It's uncomfortable and I know you're all apparently in denial, but please read up about it and learn what it's really like for people who aren't white in this country. Even well educated, well spoken people. 

Don't get defensive about it, use this as an opportunity to listen and learn. That's what I'm doing. ”


Ok, I’m listening explain to me the UK’s modern day systemic racism issues...... think people need to stop making excuses for historical issues that happened in the past... at what point do we all move on? When do we stop apologising? When discussing the awful slave labour trade, do we discuss all of it including the black slave owners or just the white slave owners?....... think more people are discriminated against where they live in the uk i.e. North / South divide than the colour of their skin.....

Yep can't agree more , but it's hard to get a education when schools are burnt down”

But schools in the UK are are not generally burnt down.... most are all inclusive except those that self exclude themselves from mainstream education either for religious or because of gender....... I had an absolutely appalling education, nothing to do with me or even the teachers...... all to do with crap parentage and the UK’s so called care system........ I’m going back to the 60s here, so no national curriculum, cane still in use... and all the lads I went to school with, like me left with absolutely nothing.....many of my former school mates have spent their entire lives bumming around on the dole with the aid of drink and drugs...... some of us put ourselves through education having left school, in my case in the army and night school... I can only comment on the UK... But there are so many opportunities for people to get educated here, for absolutely everyone irrespective of race, religion or gender......... And it really grates me when people go around with the “ poor me” attitude in this country having not done anything to better themselves..... You only have to look and Parliament to see how things have changed in the UK...

I’ve continued to work throughout the pandemic.... 150 bus drivers were furloughed, the 20 or so remaining bus drivers had their titles changed to key workers / heroes  ....... this week 80 percent of the drivers have returned.... though we can only have a maximum of 20 people on a double decker........ now my neighbours self employed electrician and plumber.... have all continued to work throughout this pandemic....... yet have still managed to find the time to submit a furlough claim to the HMRC with the Sparky getting £4800....... now call me an old cynic but I’m betting this isn’t just happening in my street......