UK Government Said Free of Coronavirus in August 2021?

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Published 13th May 2021 |
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UK Government said Britain is free of Coronavirus in August 2021?. is it possible to win this pandemic disease by UK government or country. What UK people thinking about this announcement?.

Steve Good,
GWC India Pvt Ltd

I doubt we'll ever be free of it... But I just want my fun social life back please! I don't think it'll be happening on 21st June though. 

Absolutely, Boris Johnson is the second coming and he has commanded that Covid be gone.

And by the eight month of our lord, 2021, so it shall be.

Hail Bozo, Hail Bozo... 

Steve Richardson
Gaffer of My Local Services
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To be honest, i dont this Covid-19 will be eliminated by then, maybe it will be contained and we learn to leave with it like any other virus. 


From what I can see with the current situation, no one knows exactly when this will end but you can be sure that COVID 19 to be around for 2_3 years in till everybody suffers from this or gets vaccinated. Just saying.


How I wish coronavirus will end soon to bring back life to normal.


How I wish coronavirus will end soon to bring back life to normal.”

sad to hear but it won't be that easy...