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Marketing week has recently published an article about how Social Media may not be living up to the expectations from a marketing perspective. Popular sites that are used for marketing such as Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat are not meeting the needs for many businesses. 

A survey of 388 businesses within the UK say that they spend at least 10% of their marketing budget on social media sites however it doesn't seem to be creating the effect and response they were hoping for. It is said that in the next 12 months the figure is expected to increase to 12.9% as social media prices are set to increase 

It is said that the figure of businesses that are not meeting the expectations through Social Media are struggling because of setting their expectations too high and aiming at the wrong audience type. More consumer focused brands are doing a better job via the social networking platforms, therefore maybe more investigation and effort needs to go in the businesses that are not getting the engagement expected via social media.

Marketing week reported that: 

The impact of social media also remains difficult to prove. Some 43.3% of those questioned said they “haven’t been able to show impact yet”. Some 38.2% claim to have a “good qualitative sense of the impact, but not a quantitative impact” while just 18.4% have proved the impact quantitatively.

So maybe they just haven't got the hang of social media yet, you need a good sense of who you want to attract on the different platforms in order to create engagement and gain followers/likes. Social Media consists of so many platforms, you may not have the same audience on Facebook as you do on Twitter.

Knowing your demographic is what will help make your marketing budget worth spending on Social Media. 



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Hi everyone, bonjour 21st March 2017 3:39 PM

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Hello everyone 21st March 2017 9:15 AM

Hello, welcome to the forums You can add your social media links on to your forum profile!

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Hi Matt, welcome to the forums Do you do all types of photography? which is your favourite? 

International day of Happiness 20th March 2017 2:38 PM

What is your idea of happiness? Is it winning the lottery? Is it going on an exotic holiday? Is it spending time with family? Is it eating chocolate 

I know mine Its chocolate!!! 

What is yours?

Crit my website 20th March 2017 1:22 PM

Hi, Do you have a listing with us on My Local Services, our new widget that is included with the listing could potentially help with feedback and looks excellent online

Hello all,

I need opinions on my website - I have built it myself over some time now and need to get more 'exposure' but would like any pointers on layout / content etc.

The homepage is sparse on wording as my previous site was textually good but I kept being told it was unattractive by potential clients (balance between being found and clients wanting to see images and not read).”



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Sir Richard Branson is soon to introduce the world to his newest Virgin technology. The new launch is not something you would guess, however does look rather exciting. 

The Virgin Galactic, this form of travel is a tad different from the rest as it doesn't just take you over the Atlantic ocean, it takes you quite a bit further actually- all the way to Space!! And who better to participate in the new venture but the man himself Professor Stephen Hawking. 

Professor Stephen Hawking has said he will travel in to space:

The cosmologist and physicist, 75, told Good Morning Britain he did not expect to ever have the opportunity to experience space.

In a wide-ranging interview, he told the programme: "My three children have brought me great joy - and I can tell you what will make me happy, to travel in space.

How exciting, I certainly would not pass up the opportunity.