Back to school?

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Published 14th September 2020 |
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This one is for parents, but how have you found the kids going back?

Celebrations or trepidations?

It was a mixed bag here as my daughter loved it straight away but it was my son's first week ever in school last week and first day today.

Last week involved lots of short sessions and it was a very tiring week if going back and forth to the school every day 4 times. And the childminder's as well.

But overall they both seem happy and the school seem to be dealing with everything sensibly.

I know some people have been worried about how safe school is but I'm not too concerned as children seem so unaffected by the virus anyway.

Young children can't socially distance so you have to accept that really!

Next week will be much easier when they're both back full time, and in fact it'll feel like a holiday for me! I will have so much more time to work. This last week was crazy.

Getting that peace and quiet back in the house is amazing isn't it? It will definoetly affect how a lot of people work.

How's it going at your children's school?


My god it's been marvellous!

Kids have loved it as well  There are restrictions, classes operate in bubbles an the kids do get a bit frustrated, but it's nice to see them back at school, mixing with their peers and just being kids again.

With the way things are going at present, I'm just praying we can keep them at school!

Steve Richardson
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Yeah I hope they stay open as no good will come from another full lockdown, for anyone! My children are absolutely loving school still. Thankfully!

Can only speak for my grandchild, he is loving being back at school and to see his friends... Although I do feel so sorry for them as they are now in a world that is so different 6 months ago 

Andy-C | Pewter World

I really hope it's back to some normality at some point!!