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Published 13th August 2020 |
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One of the first challenges a new business or business owner faces is no longer having a person or group of people above them to set goals, deadlines and incentives. The responsibility of inspiration becomes a task of self-motivation. This means the book stops with you, but don't worry help and guidance are at hand, use a professional business coach or mentor. Through experience they should be able to guide you past the pitfalls and hopefully on to better things, that fingers crossed lead to success. And remember when in business 7 days are 8 certainly to start with, but you never ever take your foot off the gas. 

My Mentor Coach

Do you mean the buck stops with you? 

I think finding the right coach takes time and a lot of trust. And they need to align with most of your personal beliefs about business and life and you need to get along.

You also want someone with an exceptional track record, there's a lot of people who failed with their own business so became a coach. 

Yes the buck stops. 
Other paragraphs maybe, maybe not Agree with some points 

My Mentor Coach

One thing that was pointed out to me in 20/20 hindsight, was that most people give up work to start a business, but in reality end up creating a job, but with little support or missing the departments they used to rely on, eg sales, marketing, HR, IT etc.

They then have the added pressure of having business related responsibilities, most of which will be unfamiliar, and on average work a lot more hours than they ever used to, for a lot less money (if they are lucky enough to pay themselves at all).

When you sit back and analyze it, you wonder why anyone would be mad enough to start their own business! Maybe a level of business naivety at the beginning is actually a good thing

Biggest mistake I made was not asking for help sooner and thinking I could do it all myself. Then employing people proved to be the wrong approach, which compounded the problem.

If I could visit my 2005 self, I'd say get a business coach and don't waste the next 10 years bouncing all over the place trying to stay afloat 

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