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Published 12th May 2019 |
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Phew ..Who thought changing hosting site could be sooooooooo stressful.

I got caught out last Saturday I think it was .. I have busy copying and updating my site products from 1 to the other when I got this big warning box appear ..Thought WTH .. Found out my SSL certificate had just expired lol.. So in the end I had to rush changing hosts . That part went OK but my main site was down for a few days because of it. Anyway after a long chat with support it's all up and running again to a degree.. My new website is coming along nicely now and am finding and correcting a few spelling mistakes I find along the way.. Still gotta sort out the main issue of checkout and get some blogs back up again ... If anyone fancies writing some ;) 

Pewter World
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Well done. my website is still firmly on the drawing board as I am flat out with paid work. Not complaining!

I do some blog writing packages if you're interested. I am sure I can arrange a forum discount

Glad to hear you're getting rid of spelling mistakes! 

Thanks, Rebecca, Proofreader and Copywriter
The master of web copy.
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