Australia dropped the ball...

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Published 10th May 2019 |
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Did anyone see this fail by Australia? 

Someone sack the proofreader.... That's quite a thing to miss! 

They misspelt responsibility on their 50 dollar banknote! Oops! 

The ones with the mistakes will end up being worth more now I should imagine! Imagine if checking this had been your RESPONSIBILITY. Talk about a bad day at the office!

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Considering there’s 46 million of these 50 Aussie dollar notes in circulation, they’ve probably gone up in value by just a couple of cents, if that.... 46 million notes isn’t really rare...... can remember when the first £5 plastic notes came out.... apparently there was some quirk with the first ones or with the number sequence that made them more valuable...... I bet you’ll only ever get a £5 for them though...


lol .. I heard i ton the radio (As I always seem to do ) I immediately thought of you ..

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