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Published 12th March 2019 |
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Hi everyone,

I'm new to the forum so just wanted to greet you all and wish you a good day.  

We are a nationwide CCTV company offering supply and installation to both homes and businesses.

Since you'll all be business owners here I thought I'd drop a useful blog post for you, if you are considering CCTV and need to know your obligations in terms of data protection and the law, please have a read (it's a short article, you'll be pleased to know):


Have a great day!



Edd @ Securico CCTV
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Hi Edd,

Welcome to the forum I hope you find it useful. Any questions give us a shout, but there's plenty of great content on here and I am sure you have lots of insight to offer as well.


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Hi welcome to the forum ..Funnily enough this has been a topic of conversation quite a few times on our Estate. Our neighbor has CCTV on his garage and the angle that it is at you could quite easily ( although can't confirm) look directly into the houses opposite.He also doesn't have any signage to say he has CCTV.. Is this legal , as I have always said it can't be    

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Hi folks

Thanks for the welcome.

It is an interesting subject.

When a home CCTV system looks onto public property like a path or road, or looks onto another's property like a neighbours house/garden, the guidelines are that the CCTV owner should use privacy filters built in to most good CCTV systems.  With this you can 'draw' a black area over neighbours windows, or garden for example, so that it never records that area.

The other part is that when CCTV looks onto areas used by other people then data protection laws come into play, so the people being recorded have certain rights.  If you were captured on camera say in the street or on your property by someone else's CCTV, you're protected by GDPR.

In that situation, yes the CCTV owner would need to put up a sign to state CCTV recording in operation, and also if people are being captured on camera, they can request a copy of the images/footage and the CCTV owner must comply within 30 days.

This is my understanding of it, but I'd like to mention that I'm not legally trained, so if you need proper advice on the subject in order to take some further action, I would of course recommend speaking with an appropriate legal authority.

Have a good day!


Securico CCTV



Edd @ Securico CCTV

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