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Published 23rd January 2019 |
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With time quickly running out, if you are a business owner, do you need to make any preparations as we sale into the unknown/abyss? The Government has set up a resource that tries to answer questions for your relevant sector.

May be useful, may be not depending on your type of business , but a few things may surprise you. More obvious ones are if you employ EU citizens, but less obvious are things like an International Driving license if you want to drive in Europe, car insurance, mobile phone roaming charges (ouch). Even online businesses could be affected, with possible geo-blocking of online content.

Obviously mountains of speculation as no-one knows for sure yet what will happen, but lots of food for thought! 

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I am very glad I don't really deal with anyone outside the UK as I think it could cause all sorts of issues for those that do. I am still hoping they will come to their senses somehow and call it off! 

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