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Published 13th July 2017 |
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I am a business user and it is now 11.45 am and the mail has yet to arrive.  On contacting the business user number I was informed that as I do not pay for a timed delivery I could be waiting up to 3.00 pm for the mail to be delivered!  A timed delivery would cost my business over £4,400 per annum!  Shocking!

I already pay for the mail to be collected by Royal Mail £750 per annum!  I was unable to be transferred to the local office to find out what the problem was as I do not pay for a timed delivery!  While everyone is very polite they are unable to help!

The sender of any mail to my business address already pays for the postage and to expect anyone to wait until 3.00 pm for their delivery is totally unreasonable.  A very unhappy customer!

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Hi FAM, I moved you over to your own thread as you had replied to someone else's.

I hear your pain. We operate from a business centre and generally get our mail delivered around 09.30 - 10.00. Home wise I think the delivery is a lot later.

I remember back in the day when the mail used to arrive before you left for work!

Are you office based or home based? I guess you need to factor in the importance of having early mail versus any cost? Is yours a business that is dependant on Royal Mail? Information can't be sent electronically?

Anyone else having grief or unhappy with the postal service?

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I'm really sorry to hear that! Are you experiencing a huge loss of business because of that? Is this a persistent issue?

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That's what happens when you cut services .. If it is that important can't you use email ,or is it things that have to be mailed  ..  Although you lucky it's not South Africa lol , you are generally lucky if your post turns up within a week.

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