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Published 16th June 2017 |
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Before I begin, just wanted to say Hello to everyone again; feels like it has been forever since I started a discussion. Not to worry though I'm back now to say my piece 

With the A level and GCSE exams coming to an end very soon, it has got me thinking about the position I was in two years ago after I finished my GCSE exams, I was obviously happy ( I think anyone would be after sitting 21 exams) and also a three month summer off school is every 16 year old's dream, but it made me really think about my future and what I actually wanted to do the following September. It is a lot to think about for someone so young, Schools don't help by pressuring you in to staying on and doing A-levels. The reality is, in the contemporary world there is so many other options to explore other than A-levels. I am not slating A-levels because they are the clear path if you want to go to University however you can also go to college and then go on to University if that is something that interests you. 

In my opinion University is turning in to something that young adults feel like they have to do, when really you should only go to University if you are 100% certain what career path you want to take, otherwise you will end up getting yourself in to thousands of pounds worth of debt and come out not even guaranteed a job. 

The apprenticeship route is another option, why not work in a real life environment with real life situations and build yourself up from that, whilst getting a qualification you are also gaining valuable life time experience. If you want a degree to put down on paper there is also Open University options which allows you to fit your studying around your working life. With this you will come out on top with experience and a degree. What more can you ask for? 

I think the traditional routes of doing GCSES, then A-levels and then University can be too much for some people, they don't feel like they are having a break from the classroom environment and it gets too much. 


Thanks, Rachael Kennedy
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When I was at grammar school (longer ago than I'm going to admit), the situation was exactly the same.  Not interested in you at end of GCE year unless you were continuing into Sixth Form.  Not sure what happens now but at that time the schools received funding based on the number of students going on to do A Levels.

Off to college I went, learning to type etc and it was the best thing I ever did.  I would never have learned to type at school as I'd left before computers became the norm.  I was also actively encouraged to have and voice an opinion.

Apprenticeships are an excellent idea.  Two local companies, Jaguar Land Rover and Monarch Airlines have excellent and very popular schemes.   Not only are participants learning worthwhile trades but also earning money.  

I've known many people who left university and couldn't get a job, others can't get a job relevant to their degree.  I can remember a family friend's son leaving uni with a good degree and working as a postman.  One of his mates was working as a dustman.

We have just written a blog entitled - How to get a good job with no experience - which will, hopefully, help some of the students who will have finished (or be due to finish) their courses and will be starting to spend their time looking for jobs. The only problem is, they have “no experience”, so where do they start?

It’s that age-old question that seems to get asked every year: “How do you get a job with no experience when all well paid jobs advertise that they require someone with experience?”

Don’t throw your certificates in the bin and abandon all hope yet, there are several things you can do to get your foot in the door when you don’t have any previous work experience.

You can read what feel are the 10 things you can do to help you get a job with little/no experience at


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