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Published 8th December 2016 |
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During this festive period retail stores are constantly busy with many Christmas buyers. Most stores even hire more temporary staff in order to help get through this tough time, in my opinion this is a good idea because this means less queuing and an overall quicker experience. With more staff around customers are able to easily seek advice or help within the store- or so you think.

High street shoppers are now actually avoiding shopping due to the lack of customer service. In my opinion having worked in customer service before it is so important for a customer to receive good customer service, because it ensures they return and could possible lead to positive reviews for the company. 

According to ITV

The most common complaints included slow service, named by 68% of shoppers, unavailable items (52%) and unknowledgeable staff (50%).

Over a third of shoppers (38%) also complained about encountering rude staff, confusing shop layouts (32%) and overly attentive staff (27%).

It also found nearly a third of consumers now shop online a few times a week, while another quarter do the same once a week.

Good customer service is key within a company/business- without it you will never be able to build a secure customer base!

Thanks, Rachael Kennedy
MLS Marketing Team

You cannot beat good customer service, but I do feel that customer service is better is better in the high street than it is online... Sometimes it can take up to 4 years to resolve an ongoing issue when dealing with an online issue...

Seriously though I think if you are dealing with a person face to face the customer service is far better. When dealing online you are dealing with a faceless person and you become just a number... At the moment I am dealing with an online accountancy software company, which in the past I and others have given credit to on here and elsewhere. It became apparent last week that they have been charging my bank account twice a month although only invoicing for one payment.... After several emails back and forth they want me to email bank statements, I've refused telling them that as a company that specialises in accounting they should be in a position to check their own accounts.... It's a stalemate at the moment, but I'm sure they will start checking once I've gone down the legal route once again....Which begs the question if they are doing it to me... they will be doing it to others....


I often find the temporary staff to be more helpful than the permanent ones.  They probably want a permanent job at the end or they've just  got good manners.  With the increase in online shopping, you would expect shops to work harder to get your money by providing great customer service.

On two recent trips to Argos, I've received a better level of customer service by using their FastTrack service.  Yes, it made me feel that they genuinely wanted my custom but however I shop with them I should still receive good service.    In local WH Smith yesterday one of the assistants barged into me rather than say excuse me; but that's a strange shop anyway.....

What annoys me when shopping?  "Predatory" shop assistants.  Also, why do they say "are you okay".  Completely baffles them when you just reply "fine, thank you".   At least when I shop online I'm not greeted with "hiya"; that really grates!

Customer service is a lot better face to face I do agree however I much prefer shopping online, the process it just so much quicker and can be done without the hassle of braving the cold and actually going out to buy presents. 

WHsmith is a weird shop I do agree, don't think my customer service would be as happy if i worked in a dull shop like that I feel amazon is the best online, always guarantee you're parcel is delivered to you as soon as possible.

Thanks, Rachael Kennedy
MLS Marketing Team

Don't even get me started on Argos 

In short, ordered something online 3 weeks ago, delivery promised on Black Friday, no show and oh it was my fault for asking for delivery on that Friday !! I could go in to a very long story but received it yesterday after no less than 4 failed attempts & 8 calls to resolve it.

Ok i got a discount but thats not the point, would rather had excellent service and the item delivered when promised than having to waste 8 lunchtimes messing about with their so called customer service reps.

Shall have to seriously think about if i EVER want to use them again, such was the poor level of service 

Clive, My Local Services
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