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Love nature, organic farming, birds and animals. Way to being Vegan fully Vegetarian Lives in the UK

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Who still uses cash? 21st April 2020 8:01 AM

I personally like to use cards or pay using mobile apps. Because using cards or paying through mobile apps is a more convenient method of payment than using cash. There is much security and don’t have to always carry and manage cash. Also, with cards, it is easy to track the flow of money. We can exactly know where and when we have used money.


Yes, I agree with you. Pollution has been reduced to a much extent.  But the lockdown has badly affected the economy. A rare disaster, a coronavirus pandemic, has resulted in a tragically large number of human lives being lost. As countries implement necessary quarantines and social distancing practices to contain the pandemic, the world has been put in a great lockdown which has severely affected the global economy.


I have not tried SEMrush yet. Does it work like AHREF?



You are welcomed, Steve!

But would like to share one recent update regarding Ubbersuggest. The tool is no more available for free now. It now comes with a paid subscription like other tools and the cost is nearly 10EUR per month.


I agree with Sophie Leonard. Both Facebook Ads and Google Ads are different advertising platforms and have different search intents and benefits too. Both have a huge amount of active users. So I personally think it is not necessary that Facebook Ads will generate more lead. Which platform will generate more number of leads completely depends on your business type, and where the maximum of your customer audience is available.

How Can Double the Website Traffic? 21st March 2020 7:28 AM

Content is the King. In order to increase your website traffic, you can start writing good and useful content that your target audience is interested in and publish those content in the form of blogs on your website. Once done that, you should start sharing those content on the different social media platform. And also start answering questions related to your content and target market on sites like Quora. This way you will get traffic that is more likely to convert also.Note Quora is the new tactic that most of the SEO people are using nowadays. So definitely give a try to it.


I agree with you Rebecca.

SMS, Telemarketing or Cold calling all these approaches can really be annoying to customers. It would rather create a poor image of the company. Therefore I have never used this approach. And would recommend avoiding this approach.


  • On the 13th of January 2020, Google announced the roll-out of its first broad core algorithm update of 2020.
  • Over the coming days, the Google January 2020 Core Update is rolled out to Google’s data centers.
  • The impact of the January 2020 Core Update is not yet established.
  • Google also releases another update to its SERP layout, which sees company icons (favicons) displayed in desktop search results.

For more precise information regarding Google Core January 2020 Update, you can visit the official Google page.


Hi Rebecca,

Thanks a lot for suggesting a scheduling tool to me. I would definitely try using ContentCal for my social media planning and scheduling.


Some of the reason why we are not able to find traffic through Business Directories are:

  • Business directories have become spammy: As people always want the quick and easy way, they have started automating processes. With increase in automation, more SPAM came along. These types of things are not at all convenient for Google.
  • Business directories are not managed anymore: Even if you do find a good web directory, chances are that nobody is going to answer you.
  • Business directories are not efficient: Even if you manage to get some business directory listings, they will probably have a very little impact.
  • Google penalizes you: Of course, the biggest issue with web directories these days is that your website can get penalized if it tries to trick the Google algorithms.

Hi SteveGood,

I agree with Sophie. There cannot be any single platform that fits all in digital. Choosing the correct platform totally depends upon the type of your business and targeted audience.

I would recommend Good SEO practice and proper utilization of Social Media Platforms can help you with leads generation.