Social Media Ads Generate the Higher No. of Leads?

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Published 12th February 2020 |
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Nowadays Social media ads particularly Facebook advertising generate the higher number of leads compare with Google Ads. What you think about this transformation?.

Steve Good,
GWC India Pvt Ltd

Facebook is certainly cheaper than Google. Whenever I use FB advertising, it definitely generates more traffic to my site but I tend to find organic reach from Facebook generates more bookings. 

I think Facebook advertising is highly effective if you use it well and if your target market is there.

Google Ads vs Facebook Ads both are very different advertising platforms, with different search intents and different benefits. Both platforms are exceptional places to advertise your business. Each has millions of active users with diverse targeting options.

It depends on your industry, budget, country, objectives, audience, and several other factors, which advertising platform will generate higher leads for you.



I agree with Sophie Leonard. Both Facebook Ads and Google Ads are different advertising platforms and have different search intents and benefits too. Both have a huge amount of active users. So I personally think it is not necessary that Facebook Ads will generate more lead. Which platform will generate more number of leads completely depends on your business type, and where the maximum of your customer audience is available.


I believe that in order to get more sales from social networks you need to register an account for business on social networks and start using different SMM techniques in order to have a more popular account. I know that such tools for promotion on social networks as this help you save your time on the search for new subscribers, but you still need to keep an eye out so that you constantly update information and your content is unique and interesting.


It is absolutely true that you can advertise on Facebook at a very low cost. Facebook is a very powerful way to make successful your business. Facebook has millions of users in the world.


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