Cryptocurrency Payments - What's Your Opinion?

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Published 7th April 2022 |
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Hey all,

I'm an enterprise and entrepreneurship student researching the relationship between small businesses and cryptocurrency payment options and I'm very interested in hearing your thoughts on the topic.

If your company is actively trading, regardless of whether it is accepting cryptocurrency payments or not, I would greatly appreciate it if you would be willing to take a look at the short survey which has the option to be completed anonymously within just a couple of minutes.

I aim for the survey to be published in an academic journal, so if you'd like your company to be thanked for its contributions, it would be my pleasure to include a name, logo, and link to your website at the start of the article.

Please do let me know if you'd like more information, I would be happy to share any details you'd like.

Thank you for taking the time to read,



Have filled in your survey.

I've been doing quite a lot of research in cryptocurrency and am genuinely fascinated with it. But I haven't witnessed or sensed any demand in crypto payments. I think this is unlikely to change until there is a more formal acceptance and regulation of cryptocurrencies that will then allow them to become more mainstream.

At the moment, they are a high-risk investment, which is great for individuals, but business is reliant on stability and calm, something that has been missing from recent years! I can't see many businesses increasing risk and uncertainty in the near future, but give it 10 - 15 years, with some kind of regulation and protection, then I've no doubt it will be commonplace.

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Have also filled in your survey.. Have to say there is a lot more about it than I thought lol

I am just wary as I inquired about it about 3 or 4 years ago and am still getting telephone calls about it ... My blocked list at last count was around 200 numbers


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