What has been your Covid crisis experience?

By Steve.Richardson : Administrator
Published 24th June 2021 | Last comment 12th January 2022

It is like never seen before. all-time wear a mask and think before talking to unknown people in the bank or public place. It didn't hurt my business big time like other businesses. But same time I lost some past clients but slowly I am going lot of customers again. Let's hope this virus will disappear like it suddenly rise.


o Christmas has, well it didn’t even start in this house, my heads spinning in several directions. Don’t have any complaints about the GP or NHS, just suggest if you have symptoms of ill health during Covid and your GP won’t or cannot see you... Just go to the hospital where you will be seen...

Bloody 'ell Barney, just catching up and saw this!

Has the diagnosis been confirmed, if so is it treatable? 

Wishing you the best mate, (even if you are  a grumpy git) 

I suspect there have and will be a lot of conditions that have gone untreated due people either struggling to get appointments, or even perceived stoicism, thinking they are making a fuss when the NHS is creaking.

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