World Biggest Population Country Lockdown for Control COVID 19?

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Published 25th March 2020 |
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The world biggest population and democratic country lockdown on 21 days (March 24, 2020 Mid Night to April 14, 2020) for control the COVID 19 virus spread.

The country name is India,

Infected persons 580+,

Death 11,

The Total Population 1.3 Billion






Steve Good,
GWC India Pvt Ltd

What happens when everyone comes out again? and how are people getting food etc? I am hearing some rumours that aren't good.

Covid-19 cases were continuously increasing in India. It was also going the way of Italy and America, if India had taken it seriously in December and would have locked the country's borders and international flights, then it would not have been possible to lock down the entire country today. This happened due to the dullness of the government of this country. Without planning, if you lock down the whole country, there is a lot of inconvenience and trouble, especially for those who are earning daily.


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