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GA Campaign for Mobile App? 17th August 2019 7:18 AM


I had run the Mobile app campaign few years back for astrology app download. We get good app downloads and client satisfied the campaign performance. My question is anyone has a good idea about mobile app engagement campaign. If yes what about your experience in that campaign. Please share with us!!!.

hello! 16th August 2019 9:36 AM

Hi Alex,

Welcom to the MLF community. Stay share your business development ideas with us!!!


My A to Z of Content 13th August 2019 10:16 AM



The great article with good images. Continue to post like this article.....

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for your valuable reply. We posted all other links(5 links with 10 keywords) they accepted, but reject only the mutual fund link. We have followed now blog content posting, article posting, blog commenting ect...

Hello 12th August 2019 6:35 AM

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for your reply

I am working in the Digital marketing and Security service providing agency in India.  Our company major business is SEO, SMO and security services in India and Globe.


We have done the SEO for one of the reputed commodity trading company. The problem is we are unable to post the mutual fund link in social bookmarking websites. If we post the link, they suddenly suspended the account? Why?


Which online platform is best for lead generation?. I know digital marketing or online marketing is the best channel for lead generation. But, under digital marking which one is a top-level lead generating channel like SEO, SEM, SMO SMM.

Kindly share your best ideas with us!!!

Hello 7th August 2019 7:11 AM


I am a new member of the forum community. I need to learn something and also share my knowledge here.