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I canceled my Google ads a month ago and then did some content in some categories. I'm doing better now than I was before, but of course I can say that in advance.



What do you think about Cristiano Ronaldo do something at Euro 2020 Press Meet?. Does it impact football fans from all over the world and the share market?.

Weekend Funny 26th May 2021 8:42 AM

Does Mouse operate mouse? Just a joke...

UK Government said Britain is free of Coronavirus in August 2021?. is it possible to win this pandemic disease by UK government or country. What UK people thinking about this announcement?.

Happy Valentines for Sunday 28th April 2021 9:09 AM

Yes, It's True. True lovers have every day is Valentine's day.

Every day is Valentine's day and love can never be locked down.”


Does anyone take the corona vaccine? 16th April 2021 8:58 AM

Thanks to share your vaccination experience with us. It helps new people for taking the vaccine.

Had the Oxford One, only problem I had was unable to keep my eyes open and fell asleep. Great excuse to go to bed and ignore the kids 


Difficult Life 13th April 2021 11:08 AM

I think corona second wave impacts every business nowadays.  Share Market down, we can't get the new business and existing business owners hold the service. It impacts everyone financialy.

We are all faced with difficulties constantly in every area of our lives. The truth is that you will have to deal with difficult problems throughout your life. Running away from your problems is the worst thing you can do to deal with the challenges you are faced with. Living in this world is really frustrating. In your current situation, what challenges/difficulties are you currently facing off right now?


I don't know, but oil still has a lot of money in it I think. This sounds like the kind of question that would work on Quora. ”

Did you mean petroleum products? If yes, after transformed all the vehicles are electrical.  what happens to the oil industry?.

Because most of the developed and developing countries announced we introduce electrical vehicles in all sectors before the year 2030.



What is the strategy you can follow to rank the SEO keywords in Yahoo and Bing search engines?. If anyone has knowledge in this field please share your ranking ideas with us.



Which category of the business top in the world for generating revenue. Like Finance, Healthcare, Real Estate, Oil and Minerals, Education, ect...