haha ... South Africans have a list too ...Here a few so wont bore you

Bliksem – to hit. This is a derogative term meaning to hit or punch someone.

Bra / Bru – friend.This term is commonly used to call a friend, pal or buddy.

Eina! – ouch! [Ay-na].Usually expressed when someone experiences a sharp pain of some sort.

Now Now – immediately / soon.A confusing phrase for non-locals meaning sometime soon – sooner than just now but quicker than right now.

Shebeen – an unlicensed bar [sha-been]These are unlicensed bars..Visited a few in my younger days as alcohol was banned to sell on weekends ..Still is lol

Voetsek! – Go away![foot-sak]..Usually said with an angry tone when telling someone to go away or get lost.

there are many many more .. Couple of months ago I said that banana is vrot (Meaning rotten) lol All my colleges just look at me , in the end I burst out laughing was very funny

Andy-C | Pewter World

Brilliant! Have a good weekend



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