The Gig Economy, what is your thought?

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Published 27th June 2019 |
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Uber is currently valued at $75.46 billion dollars and the biggest company known to benefit from the gig economy. An avid Uber user myself I chat with their drivers with varied reasons why they picked up the opportunity. 

  • Flexible Hours
  • Option to Work or Not Work
  • Earn as much or as less
  • Part of a Global Tech Innovation Giant
  • Solid Infrastructure  ... etc

Yet many have claimed about many disadvantages 'Gig Economy Workers' shares. 

  • No Sick Pays and Holidays yet most drivers work solely for the organisation
  • Pensions, insurances and other benefits are your responsibility.

Being an entrepreneur I find this is a norm. I work for myself and have been totally responsible for looking after making sure my business continued without me and that I worked enough to pay my bills and some. 

The bottom line really is to hear of your experiences, thoughts experiences of the positive or negative impact in your industry.. 



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I work for myself so pension wise I have nothing, I am planning to be earning enough to save money for the future at some point. It's not easy but the advantages of flexibility outweigh the negatives. I could never be employed again! 

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