Technological convergence - dawn of a new era?

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Published 19th June 2017

I've been hearing about and reading  a lot about technological convergence in recent months. There are many theories doing the rounds but basically the idea is the amount of new technology and ideas that can be combined is going to fuel a new age.

A good example of early technological convergence is the iphone. The fusion of a personal organiser, web browser, phone and entertainment system into a single hand held device.

An example of technological convergence that will have a huge impact on our lives is self-driving or automated electric cars. The electric car is now a valid proposition and is rapidly (finally) evolving month by month, year on year. Couple this then with the competing technologies for automated vehicles, and we will very soon see a revolution in transportation.

With the huge ongoing efforts to come up with a viable artificial intelligence, to breakthrough medical discoveries to even space tourism, the next thirty years could see our workplace, home life and general well being change form all current recognition.

The forces driving these changes are already underway, so from a business point of view it's time to embrace and not ignore. But how do we embrace change when we don't really understand what to expect or how to position ourselves?

Take a look at your own business. What aspects are likely to change in the future?

  • Can you visualise how customers will interact with your product or services in the near future?
  • Will social media play a bigger part of your customer service experience?
  • How many of your customers will start using devices such as Amazon Echo or Google Home?
  • Will your teams roles change as automation removes mundane tasks?
  • Will your teams location become more scattered or less centralised as remote working becomes more popular?


Times are definitely changing, people will have their own thoughts whether it's for the better or not, but as small business owners we have the opportunity to react and respond quicker than our big business counterparts. 

So are you thinking of the future and taking steps to move your business into this new technological convergence age?

Steve Richardson
Gaffer of My Local Services
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