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web-aviso has been providing targeted organic SEO, digital marketing, self publishing and design services to small, medium and large enterprise UK and international clients since 2004.

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So pleased to read that you're as cynical as our company is regarding AI  - and Google for that matter.
On one hand they claim that they  will penalise websites that use AI generated content , yet on the other hand theirs (and all other search engine's) model is built on AI ! So are the latest web development platforms and most other software.

Their new Bard platform is currently just as rocky as all the others - and as with all new developments rolled out by tech companies the end user's have no choice.  

It is fascinating to recently see that there was an open letter signed by tech leaders and researchers proposing delaying AI development recently too - as it's all happening so quickly. It would not surprise me to read that legal planning has started to protect us humans from AI/ Robots as they will eventually be able to develop their own rights and ability to sue the human race for mistakes!

We are on the cusp of a genuine revolution .. I will exploit it as much as I can  - but I make no bones in admittingb that I am also biding my time when I can retire and use technology as little as possible in my daily life !      



I have been providing SEO and digital marketing since 2004 so from my standpoint of experience would consider this - as titled and aimed at the lay person or newbie - a good article.

Give that this directory has a good SERP and can be easily found, other businesses after signing up to this local directory (for listing exposure and promotion on the basis of its perceived authority) will probably take a while to dip into the forum, especially newer ones who understandably consume as much guidance of relevance as they can.    

As @steve.richardson says it can be spun in all sorts of directions - but the content should not be taken out of context. 
As with any skill or discipline (and web seo certainly is that !) the basics should be mastered. In fact often for a new business mastering the basics of SEO well from the get-go can be enough to elevate them above those other newbies who don't take the time to prepare and develop what is known to work. 

So keep up the great Steve !! 

Steve Drury.

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