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Why do we allow free advertising?

Your business listing will also show other advertising such as Google adverts, meaning we will mutually benefit from visitors to your page. By default your listing will appear in our search results within five miles of your displayed postcode.

If you don't want to display any third party adverts on your listing, would like to increase your search radius, add extra content or increase your visibility, then you are welcome to upgrade at any time by logging-in to your listing editor.

How do potential customers contact me?

You can display your weblink, so visitors may go direct to your website. Your listing will also have a secure contact form that will allow people to email you plus you can display both landline and mobile phone numbers.

Marketing help and advice

We're not just a faceless business directory. We have a vibrant self-help business forum community that you are welcome to access, jam packed with tips, hints, help and pearls of wisdom. You don't need to list your business to be a member of the forum, but if you do then your business details will be displayed at the bottom of every forum post you make.

We have architects to dog walkers and accountants to web designers. Come and have a look, or even better join in! My Local Services Forum.

Do you need help generating reviews?

One of the most common problems business owners face is generating customer feedback. To help you overcome this we have created a review widget tailored for your website. This allows you to request reviews from your website as well as allow your visitors to see how you compare with your competition. There is no cost to use the review widget and you can access is from your listing editor once you have signed up.

Here is an example of the review widget, which you can customise with different sizes and colours so it suits your own website.

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