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Harrisons Dogs - Dog Walking 3rd September 2014 10:59 PM

I don't have too many complaints, overall I think it's pretty much there, and does what it should for the type of business.  I would say that you should try to keep a "static header" that does not disappear and remains at the top of each page.  That way no matter what page someone is viewing, you have a higher chance of converting them into a paying customer, through your phone number or another type of call to action.

My other suggestion would be, considering this is a new design?  There really is not much point designing a website these days that is not mobile friendly.  Perhaps take a look at some of the themes on for some ideas.



Opinion on 3rd September 2014 10:54 PM
Hi , Am i missing something? 

 Clicking on your website link takes me onto your 'crowdfund" page, which has the Facebook scrolling feature, but no website as such in view. 


( Julia)





Correct, I took the website down for a little while and ran a Crowdfunder to help improve the site. I am very pleased to say that I raised the total I was looking for and am in the process of adding significant improvements. 


Opinion on 1st July 2014 11:55 AM
Use Ctrl + F5 same thing, reloads ignoring cached content. Did that still didn't load. 

Just tried it now without clearing the cache and it loaded this time. It is slow though, takes a good 5 - 6 seconds before the content finishes loading.

But you are on a shared hosting, and the server itself is in the States, though your sites audience is in the UK, so this may be why there are transaction times issues. Plus as with all shared hosting, a lot depends on the load generated by the other sites, and how the server is configured, memory etc is divided up if virtual.

Maybe consider a UK hosting firm, you have cheap and cheerful, but does the job from Dan at ezpz or Tim can sort you something out at Nimbus.


Might be a start, at least until I decide to get a VPS

Thanks for the suggestion! 

Opinion on 30th June 2014 8:58 PM
Doesn't load for me either.”

 Try pressing "Ctrl + Shift + R" on your PC.

Opinion on 30th June 2014 8:57 PM
Page doesn't load for me Oliver, seems to be stuck at the "loading your gifts" stage. Refreshed it 3 times and same thing happens

 Try pressing "Ctrl + Shift + R" on your PC.

Opinion on 29th June 2014 5:25 PM

Would love to know what more people think! Thanks


Guest Posting. Let's help each other 28th June 2014 12:11 PM

I am interested in blog posts for, and if anyone is interested.  Both PR3, I have not had as much time for YWB recently but it is distributed to and some other high authority citation sites.

I can write in return about almost anything to do with internet marketing and have a wide range of knowledge in young people/start-ups.  Besides that I have a strong ability in research where I am not too sure on a subject, but I have a wide range of interests anyway.

Feel free to send over an email if you're interested:



My advice would be to try and build relationships with existing high authority Facebook pages in your niche, or create your own.  For example an app development company I know created a fanpage called "I love my Iphone", it had something like 300,000 fans, now obviously an app development company isn't that exciting enough to warrant 300,000 fans, but the occasional message to their fans (Being free), could net them maybe 20% in views and so that's 60,000 to start with.

Obviously you do have to get the fans in the first place which can be an uphill struggle but if you piggy back on hot trends then it shouldn't be as difficult.

Gauging Mobile Development Interest 28th June 2014 12:06 PM
I'm pretty sure this question was asked somewhere else on the forum recently. My opinion is that apps for businesses have very limited appeal. And that the majority of businesses will carry on without one....”

Couldn't disagree more, I think you'll find that if you can sell the benefits to small businesses and they are open minded to new ideas you're onto the right track.  

Look at it this way:

- Mobile coupons have a 10x high redemption rate than ordinary coupons

- By 2014, nearly 50 million consumers will use mobile coupons

Apps can be used for booking appointments, appointment reminders, pushing new offers, all sorts.

All the big brands are using apps to create customer loyalty, the brand is in their pocket, you can send push notifications, or scan their app every time they come into your shop. Yes they can be expensive, but they don't have to be, there are plenty of people selling app development for £200 odd, including publishing.

Opinion on 5th June 2014 12:33 PM
Well its got significantly worse, it doesn't load at all at the moment...... even after 10 minutes

It's back working again, sorry about that there was a bug that was causing the page not to load.  Should be quite a bit faster now as well, still a way to go though.