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Hi I am James,

Co-Founder of The Business Accelerators, a small consultancy and web agency, designed to support in delivering websites that convert. No longer will you be setting up a website, just to have one. We create web presences that define your target market and build sites that are made to convert. Sound like something you would be interested in? You can book a free one hour Ask Me Anything session right here, to help support you in your online and business journey - https://thebusinessaccelerators.co.uk/ask-me-anything/

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There are quite a few tags now, including ones that tell Google it is a paid promotional link or user generated content. We aren't stingy with our follows and NoFollows, but we do only link out based on merit and quality of content, so all is well with the web.

Most COC's have a free software package included in memberships, but in all honesty, software is probably a little overkill no? Especially pre 10 employees.


I know an agency that has a Bing bell, that they ring when a lead comes in from Bing that it is so rare. I doubt they would waste the money on a Yahoo bell.

Website usage.




Where would you spend your effort?