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Theresa's Moves... 12th October 2018 11:37 AM

Thanks Guys, all good here, will defo' have a catch up  ....and ditto indeed :o)

Theresa's Moves... 11th October 2018 8:14 PM

Hi Guys Yo!... been a while, but here's a bit of Friday fun from the Polish man!  


The idiot brother... Friday fun 6th June 2018 8:48 AM

...still nicking jokes off the kids I see Steve 

My Xmas Pressie 2nd March 2018 2:01 PM

Cheers Rebecca 

My Xmas Pressie 21st February 2018 10:02 AM

Me too guys!...took this bad boy pic' on a walk over the fields in Alcester!...Going to turn him into some art 

Spam Mail 6th December 2017 2:27 PM

Hi Folks

Just got this pop up!....heart flutter then hey, check out that wonderful grammar!!! 


Hey Steve

Thanks for making me laugh out laud on a Fri' love the post office analogy :o)........Just awarded myself "The best drawer on a Tuesday in Alcester who wears glasses Award" ...at a small cost to myself I now have my prize, a cup of tea and choccy biscuit :o)

Oscar Catastrophe 6th March 2017 9:14 AM

...never mind that, spare a thought for poor batman 

Pineapple Pizza Ban....Iceland! 24th February 2017 10:53 AM

All the doom and gloom in the world news!!!....but the the big issue in Iceland the country that is, the pres' (can't pronounce his name) sorry Mr G, says he wants to ban all pineapple on pizza....well it made me smile!

Proposed MOT changes! 22nd February 2017 2:00 PM

...look at the picture of her hubby on the wall!